Favored by bowhunters around the globe, IQ Bowsights adds to its impressive sight line-up. Branded the IQ Ultra Lite, IQ's shiny new penny is available in 3- and 5-pin models, and is fitted with Retina Lock.

An immediate success on the original IQ Bowsight, Retina Lock Technology allows the shooter to achieve a no-torque-grip and a perfect anchor point every time. Shooters have found Retina Lock greatly improves their form, consistency and accuracy when arching arrows at extended distances. In fact, IQ is so certain those who attach an IQ to their riser will improve their effective shooting range by 20 yards are more that they back it up with a money back guarantee. Should you purchase an IQ and find the sight doesn't boost your accuracy, IQ will refund your money.

So what makes the new Ultra Lite so impressive? What about it trumps its predecessors? Simple: The IQ Ultra Lite was engineered with lightweight fiber polymer construction and is the lightest of all IQ Bowsights. Its high-impact resistant construction paired with a silent coat finish make it a worthy bowhunting companion.

Other features of the new Ultra Lite include adjustable windage and elevation, a built-in sight level, .019-inch fiber optic pins, stack tight pins and a sold separate IQ Rheostat Sight Light.

For more information, visit www.iqbowsight.com or call (866) 574-8741.