In 1998, after calling a mature buck into bow range, Burt Coyote Co. President Curtis Price let an errant arrow go. Price was confident he missed the buck, but as any savvy bowhunter does, Price wanted to inspect the arrow. Finally, after searching for what seemed like hours, Price found the clean-as-a-whistle arrow. He had in fact missed the buck, but was frustrated it took him so long to find the arrow.

Price’s brain was spinning during his drive home from the woods. He knew there had to be a better way – a way for bowhunters to track and find their arrows. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Lumenok is one of the bowhunting world’s brightest lighted-nock kingpins. The manufacturer produces an array of lighted-nock options for arrows and crossbow bolts as well as the field-proven Lumen-Arrow.

Always looking to boost its game and prowess in the industry, Lumenok has officially added Outtech as its official rep group. Proven sales and marketing specialists, Outtech represents a number of key brands in the outdoor industry and prides itself on being “all about the brand.” Every company that signs on with Outtech gets its own team – a team with a mission to take the brand to new levels.

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