GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) — Businessman David Comstock is planning to transform part of the Seaway Marine Center in the Bernard Bayou Industrial Park in Gulfport into a multi-million dollar gun range.

“There's a demand all over the country for this type of venue,” Comstock said Tuesday after the city council amended local zoning rules to allow shooting ranges in the area.

“And now that we've got a defined location that we're going to, we'll finish the business plan and get it up and get it going very quickly,” said Comstock.

Plans for the 26,500 square feet of space include eight lanes of shooting range, 3,000 square feet of retail space, and a training area. Comstock said the trainer lined up to work at the gun range has even offered to train Gulfport police for free.

Comstock said his range will be a box within a box inside the metal storage building and will be virtually soundproof. The business will include a retail store with guns, ammo and other merchandise. A classroom and archery range will be on the second floor.

Comstock said $4 million to $5 million will be invested. The business will employ about 24 people.

Comstock hopes to have a grand opening in less than nine months.

Comstock is negotiating for property in Stone County where he hopes to build an outdoor range. Harrison County denied his request for a permit for an outdoor range.