Elk Hunting Video: Bugling Bull at 4 Yards!

When elk hunting, knowing when to draw your bow is just as important as knowing when to shoot.

Elk Hunting Video: Bugling Bull at 4 Yards!

Of the three types of hunting tools used by archers — compounds, traditional bows and crossbows — only the latter doesn’t require you to draw when animals are nearby. I hunt with all three styles, and the crossbow’s greatest advantage is it’s ready to fire as animals approach; it eliminates the “when to draw” part of the equation.

In the 12-minute YouTube video below, Cally Morris and his wife, Annetta, are pursuing Rocky Mountain elk with their guide, Bob. Cally is filming, Bob is calling (the two are standing near each other) and Annetta is out front as the shooter.

As you’ll see, Cally spots the big bull in the photo above before Annetta, and whispers to her, “Don’t move. Here he comes.” 

There’s a reason this elk hunting video has been viewed nearly 8.25 million times since August 2014. The action is INTENSE, with the big bull bugling right in Annetta’s face — 4 yards!

I won’t spoil the ending; watch the scene play out for yourself.

Note: Be sure to watch the video to its end, when Cally provides three valuable tag-team tips for closing the deal on rutting bull elk.


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