As loyal readers know, just a few weeks ago, on May 12, BOWTECH shook the bowhunting world by introducing the new, super-adjustable Fuel—a sub-$500 compound bow sporting the company’s famous binary cam system, and able to accommodate archers drawing 18 to 30 inches, and pulling anywhere from 14 to 70 pounds.

Wow! If you missed all the details check it out here

Bowech New Bows 2014RPM 360

A bit lost in the shuffle of the aforementioned news is the fact that the company introduced two cutting-edge flagship bows back in January: The RPM 360 touting impressive 360-feet-per-second speed, and the carbon-riser-equipped Carbon OverDrive, a speedier and highly tunable version of the company’s wildly successful Carbon Knight. Here's the skinny on these two shooters:

BOWTECH established its reputation on high-performance bows; one flagship bow for 2014 launches arrows at a target-melting 360 fps.

Dubbed the RPM 360, it maximizes BOWTECH’s famous Overdrive Binary Cam system with a 6-inch brace height and BOWTECH’s pre-loaded past-parallel limbs.

It features all of BOWTECH’s newest technology including FLX-Guard to reduce torque and riser twist, and BOWTECH’s Center Pivot Extreme. A starting draw length of 24 inches makes this bow accessible to a lot of smaller-stature shooters.

High end on the draw length is 30 inches, and letoff is a full 80 percent. Axle-to-axle is a fashionable 31 inches, peak draw weights are the standard 50, 60, and 70 pounds, and mass weight at 4.4 puts this bow slightly on the heavy side (while arguably taming the noise and vibration generated by 360 fps and making the bow generally more forgiving).

Finish options include Mossy Oak Infinity, Realtree AP, Realtree APG, and Black Ops. Retail price for the RPM 360 is $999.

Carbon Overdrive

Bowech New Bows 2014BOWTECH says the new Carbon Overdrive, its second 2014 flagship, combines the minimal weight of its Knight riser with the synchronization and stability of the OverDrive Binary cam system and torque-eliminating FLX-Guard.

We couldn’t help notice that the Carbon Overdrive is also a little faster, thanks in part, no doubt, to a slightly skinnier brace height of 61⁄2inches. (The Overdrive is 342 fps compared to the Knight’s 335 fps, but who’s counting?)

At 3.3 pounds it’s an insignificant .1 pound heavier than the Knight. Axle-to-axle is the same 31 inches, and draw lengths run half-an-inch shorter at 25 to 30 inches. Peak draw weights are the same, too, at 50, 60, and 70 pounds.

Finished in Mossy Oak Infinity, Realtree AP, Realtree APG, or Black Ops, the Carbon Overdrive has a sticker price of $999.