Compound Bow

GOLD: Mathews, with its new Z7 bow, continues a tradition of innovation and excellence.

SILVER: Hoyt and its fine Maxxis bow have won respect from this year’s voters.


mathews z7

Traditional Bow

GOLD: Bear Kodiak and Grizzly bows are bowhunting classics, which put this perennial favorite traditional bowmaker on top.

SILVER: Hoyt won raves for its Dorado and Gamemaster models.

BRONZE: Martin, Black Widow

bear kodiak

Aluminum Arrow

GOLD: Readers continue to rate Easton XX75 and XX78 arrows as best of the bunch.

easton xx78 aluminum arrow

Carbon Arrow

GOLD: Quivers full of Axis and other Easton carbon arrows are common.

SILVER: Gold Tip created a winner with its XT Hunter.

BRONZE: Carbon Express, Beman

easton fmj carbon arrow

Arrow Rest

GOLD: Trophy Ridge’s Whisker Biscuit has earned its spot on many a setup.

SILVER: QAD, Ripcord

BRONZE: Trophy Taker

trophy ridge whisker biscuit


GOLD: Lots of readers will be sticking with Gateway Rayzr feathers this fall.

SILVER: Trueflight

gateway rayzr


GOLD: Bohning Blazer vanes, especially the 2-inch model, are a bonafide hit.

SILVER: Duravane/Norway Industries, New Archery Products

bohning blazer vanes

Fixed-Blade Broadhead

GOLD: Many voters are dead-set on Muzzy, especially its 100-grain, 3-blade MX3 head.

SILVER: The Montec from G5 has earned many fans out in the field.

BRONZE: New Archery Products, Slick Trick

muzzy mx 3

Mechanical Broadhead

GOLD: There’s lots to love about Rage’s 2-blade head.


BRONZE: Grim Reaper, New Archery Products

rage 2 blade

Fixed Treestand

GOLD: Gorilla and Lone Wolf finished neck and neck for the #1 position.

SILVER: Summit, Big Game

lone wolf


GOLD: Many readers again rely on LaCrosse to get them where they need to go.

SILVER: Rocky’s great selection meets many hunters’ needs.

BRONZE: Danner

lacrosse boots

Climbing Treestand

GOLD: Summit’s Viper keeps the #1 spot.

SILVER: Lone Wolf


summit viper


GOLD: Readers are turning to the Rancher and other ATVs from Honda to round up their harvests.

SILVER: Polaris, Yamaha

honda rancher

Ladder/Tripod Treestand

GOLD: Helping Ameristep to its top spot was the ever-popular Skyscraper stand.

SILVER: Big Game, Rivers Edge

ameristep skyscraper

Bowstring Materials

GOLD: From “old standards” to cutting-edge fibers, the top choice was clear: BCY.

Backpack/Fanny Pack

GOLD: If you have to take it along, readers say that Badlands has a pack that will help you get it there.

SILVER: Cabela’s

BRONZE: Fieldline

badlands fanny pack

Camo Pattern

GOLD: Realtree and Mossy Oak split the lion’s share of votes to put themselves at the pinnacle of concealment.

mossy oak


GOLD: It’s a tie between Mathews’ Zebra and Winner’s Choice strings.

zebra string

Moveable Bowsight

GOLD: For aiming flexibility, voters aimed for HHA Sports.


BRONZE: Montana Black Gold

hha optimizer

Pendulum Bowsight

GOLD: TruGlo

SILVER: Savage

BRONZE: Trophy Ridge, Keller

tru glo pendulum


GOLD: The popular Meta Peep kept G5 ahead in this category.

SILVER: Jim Fletcher

g5 meta peep

Fixed Bowsight

GOLD: Spot-Hogg is spot-on for zeroing in on that dream animal.

SILVER: TruGlo, Montana Black Gold

BRONZE: Trophy Ridge

spot hogg sight

Sight Pins

GOLD: Readers swear by TruGlo pins to help them find the spot.


tru glo pins


GOLD: This year Nikon and its Archer’s Choice remains exactly that—our archers’ choice.

SILVER: Bushnell

BRONZE: Leupold

nikon archer choice rangefinder


GOLD: Garmin gets top billing for getting our voters into hunting territory and back out again.

SILVER: Magellan

garmin e trex


GOLD: When voters wanted to get an animal’s attention, most chose Montana Decoys to help them out.

SILVER: Carry-Lite, Primos, Flambeau

montana decoy

Binos & Spotters

GOLD: The reign of Nikon’s Monarch continues in 2011.

SILVER: Bushnell

BRONZE: Swarovski, Leupold

nikon monarch binoculars

Bow Case

GOLD: Plano


plano bow case


GOLD: Buck sliced through the competition to make it to the top.

SILVER: Gerber

buck knife

Hunting Release Aid

GOLD: Scott’s variety of release options helped put it in the #1 spot again.

SILVER: Tru Ball

BRONZE: Tru-Fire, Carter

scott wildcat

Target Release Aid

GOLD: Readers cited Scott for variety, performance, and reliability.

SILVER: Tru Ball

BRONZE: Carter

scott longhorn


GOLD: First the S-Coil, now the X-Coil has stabilized LimbSaver’s place in the #1 spot.

SILVER: Doinker


limbsaver x coil

Deer Call

GOLD: Primos roared back into first position thanks, in part, to its Buck Roar call.

SILVER: Hunter’s Specialties

BRONZE: Knight & Hale, Flextone

primos buck roar


GOLD: Primos/Double Bull wins it again.

SILVER: Ameristep

primos double bull blind


GOLD: Kwikee Kwiver has become a “klassic” in this category.

SILVER: Mathews


kwikee kwiver

Turkey Call

GOLD: Primos gobbled up the top honor with its wide variety of options.

SILVER: Hunter’s Specialties

BRONZE: MAD, Quaker Boy

Primos turkey call

Elk Call

GOLD: Primos’ Hoochie Mama is, again, the elk call of choice.

primos hoochie mama

Scent-Adsorbing Clothing

GOLD: Scent-Lok

SILVER: ScentBlocker (Dream Season)

scent lok suit

3-D Target

GOLD: McKenzie and Rinehart again lead the pack, herd, and flock with their many 3-D options.

SILVER: Field Logic/GlenDel Buck


mckenzie 3d whitetail


GOLD: Tink’s has been a reader favorite for over a decade.

SILVER: Code Blue

BRONZE: Hunter’s Specialties

tinks scent

Scent Eliminator

GOLD: Hunter’s Specialties (Scent-A-Way line)

SILVER: Wildlife Research (Scent Killer)

BRONZE: Dead Down Wind

hunters specialties scent

Conventional Target

GOLD: The Block from Field Logic remains a reader favorite.

SILVER: Rinehart

BRONZE: Morrell

block target

Bag Target

GOLD: Many readers say that “Morrell Yellow Jacket” and “bag target” are almost synonymous.

morrell yellow jacket

Bowhunting World Article/Department

GOLD: Tech Talk

SILVER: Back Country

BRONZE: New Gear

tech talk

Bowhunting World Writer

GOLD: Bob Robb and his keen observations on the entire bowhunting experience have won him many fans.

SILVER: Chuck Adams

BRONZE: Norb Mullaney

bob robb

Bowhunting Video

GOLD: Primos (The Truth)

SILVER: Realtree (Monster Bucks), Drury Outdoors (Dream Season)

primos the truth

Bowhunting TV Show

GOLD: Archer’s Choice with Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo regains top billing in this year’s poll.

SILVER: Bone Collector

BRONZE: Arrow Affliction, The Crush

archers choice tv show

New Product

GOLD: Mathews Z7 Bow

SILVER: Hoyt Maxxis Bow

BRONZE: Hoyt Carbon Matrix Bow

mathews z7