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Whitetail Rut Tactics

Three expert bowhunters share their best Whitetail Rut Tactics in this issue’s Secrets Of The Masters column. Bill Vaznis finds out why one of the biggest mistakes bowhunters make at this time is not shooting! Plus, he learns why you shouldn’t fall for the trap of the big buck rub at rut time—bucks aren’t there. They are out where the does are. Where should you look? Find out!

Fresh Dirt On Scrapes

Our Whitetail Science expert, Mike Hanback, discovers new tricks for hunting the most alluring sign in the woods by giving readers the Fresh Dirt On Scrapes. According to research by hunter and biologist Dr. Mickey Hellickson, the hottest scrape spots for older-age bucks are the intersections of two or more drainages, and the junction of two or more timbered fingers deep in the woods. Hellickson expands on his valuable insights to help all bowhunters connect with their mark.

Stealth Spells Success

Keeping your bow quiet is essential for success in the woods, Home Bow Mechanic Brad Strandlund emphasizes. So he outlines how to prevent potential noise-making problem areas or deal with existing ones. Between moleskin, silicone, suppressors, and stops, Strandlund offers the advice until your setup’s Stealth Spells Success.

The Rodeo

“If you’ve ever packed this big a string of horses through frozen bogs and swamps while picking your way through thick, snow-covered conifers not really wide enough for the pack boxes to slip through, then you know it was only a matter of time before something blew up.” In November’s Backcountry, columnist and veteran Bob Robb recounts the miserable life-threatening misadventures of one Alaska moose hunting trip—and how he would not trade the experience for the world.

Rattled In Kansas

Mark Melotik also takes readers with him to the Sunflower State, a big-buck gold mine. When you are Rattled In Kansas during the peak of the rut and armed with a good selection of deer calls, you just might strike it rich. “What I glimpsed there-just 35 yards away-sucked the air from my lungs,” he says. “And even right then, I could not-would not-have predicted that the outsized whitetail standing before me would be just the start of a literal big-buck parade. Or that I was experiencing what would soon become the most-exciting morning I’ve ever spent in a deer stand. And I’d thought I’d seen some pretty memorable mornings.”

Hot Seats For The Rut

“When the calendar flips to October 25, whitetail bucks morph from guarded, secretive creatures to prowling, scraping fiends,” says whitetail expert Mike Hanback. “In the first days of November they start hassling and chasing the does…. Big deer pop back out for a few days and cruise for a last girlfriend before going back to the feed and hiding out for good in December.” Hanback shows five ways to tailor your treestand setups to each phase. A must-read article!

Field Test—Cold-Weather Boots

Bowhunting World’s intrepid editors Mike Strandlund and Mark Melotik put boots from RedHead, Danner, Under Armour, Muck, Bogs, LaCrosse, Irish Setter, and Rocky through the ringer. How well do they insulate? Which keep out the water? How comfortable are they? Which are likely to stand up to real-world bowhunting conditions?

Bow Report: Quest Rogue

Where it counts—in performance, forgiveness, and simple shooting enjoyment—the Quest Rogue bow compares favorably with many higher-priced bows, says Rick Combs. See the tests, consider that stats, and in November’s Bow Report discover why the Rogue is all about being smooth-drawing, pleasant-shooting, forgiving, and affordable.

News, Gear, & More!

Of course, November’s Bowhunting World covers news, new gear, and entertaining short stories and interesting facts from the world of bowhunting that readers have come to expect. Don’t miss it!