Welcome to our annual overview of major archery seasons, basic bow and projectile regulations, and information about the most popular or unique bowhunting species for each state, province, or territory. Where wildlife officials have forecasts available, we also provide a look at expected bowhunting conditions for 2014 and beyond. This is a great first step for assessing the many enticing possibilities, then narrowing down the opportunities that meet your goals.

All dates given are 2014 unless otherwise noted. Some seasons were not set by press time, so we include 2013-2014 information as a reference of typical timeframes to help you plan for next year.

Be aware that many management areas and other sectors have area-specific regulations that differ from general regulations. And, remember that laws, fees, and seasons can change at any time.

As we caution every year, be sure to consult state/provincial/territorial websites and land managers for the latest information. Know before you go.

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