High Country Speed Force

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High Country Speed ForceHigh Country Archery’s new Speed Force represents a decided effort on the part of the Dunlap, Tennessee, bow-maker to assemble in one model many of the desirable features that appeal to many bowhunters and 3-D archers. The new aluminum 6061-T6 handle is machined from a solid billet of material incorporating a 4-inch reflex design that still permits a consistent 7-inch brace height. The overall axle-to-axle length is 33 inches. It boasts Barnesdale limbs, which have earned an excellent reputation, mounted in pivoting limb pockets that are fully machined from aluminum alloy. It carries a roller-type cable guard, and Winner’s Choice custom string and cables. The included string stopper is mounted on a solid composite rod, which helps absorb vibration, and is further isolated by a Bowjax vibration dampener. The limbs are positioned for parallel action to reduce hand shock, and each limb carries a major Bowjax unit to control vibration. In addition to these noteworthy features, the Speed Force is equipped with a new cam system that High Country calls the “Trinary II.” This cam design incorporates some unusual characteristics that I will dwell on subsequently.

Similar to previous High Country bows, the Speed Force is equipped with an unobtrusive stand that is ideal for use in a blind. A special fitting that attaches to the lower limb bolt carries two short legs that, together with the lower cam, act as a tripod that will support the bow in an upright attitude on the ground. This arrangement weighs just 2 ounces. The only disadvantage that I can visualize would exist when you might want to stand the bow on the kind of soil that is prevalent in the cedar swamps where I have set up some of my ground blinds. *Read the rest of the report by downloading the PDF