I get excited about new products, especially when the person telling me about them is passionate and obviously lives a lifestyle that supports the particular product. 

He was an MMA fighter. He was a standout football player. He is a hardcore hunter and family man who lives an ultra-fit lifestyle. Justin Hellander, National Accounts Manager for MTN OPS, a brand of outdoor performance supplements, got my blood pumping and my heart pounding as he walked me step-by-step through the manufacturer’s new product line.

“Our YETI and ENDURO are two of our most popular products,” said Hellander. “Over 1,000 doctors nationwide are supporting our products. The infamous Dr. Oz actually did a write-up on one of our products, and we are very excited about where the line is going. One of the things that make the YETI and ENDURO so great is the L-Arginine. Those who take the product get 5,000 mg per scoop. That’s really unheard of.

“The YETI provides a 20-plus hour nitric oxide release, but won’t make you jittery or edgy. I can take it five hours before I go to bed and do just fine. In the morning, before my workout, I take one scoop of YETI and one scoop of ENDURO. My workouts are incredible and I get such a sense of drive and focus. The YETI gives you a nice caffeine charge and is loaded with Vitamins C, D, K2, B6 and B12. Plus, you get the benefits of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. For those who don’t want the caffeine, the ENDURO is the way to go. It has zero caffeine, but provides most all the benefits of the YETI.”

A serious long distance runner and hardcore backcountry hunter, I can say without hesitation that I’m super excited about these products. In the coming weeks and months I will be putting them to the test as I conquer trails and pursue my off-the-beaten-path hunting dreams. Be sure to check back for full detailed reports of the MTN OPS products. Best of all, the two mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg.

For a complete listing of all MTN OPS products, visit www.getmtnops.com.