It’s no secret Elite’s Energy 32 and Energy 35 bows created plenty of noise in 2014. The Energy 32 was coveted by bowhunters for its smooth draw and excellent shot cycle. The longer axle-to-axle Energy 35 was also a bowhunter’s dream but became a quick favorite of the target crowd as well.

For 2015, Elite, always focused on shootability, launched its 33.5-inch axle-to-axle Synergy. Said by Elite to fall in that sweet spot between its Energy 32 and Energy 35 models, the Synergy was engineered with an incredibly stable geometry designed to be perfect for the bowhunting woods and the 3-D target trail.

Mission accomplished. After spending a few weeks testing and shooting Elite’s shiny new penny, I can say without hesitation that Elite has built a quiet, dead-in-the-hand, smooth-shooting machine. Built for accuracy, the 4.4-pound Synergy sports an ultra-forgiving 7 3/8-inch brace height, and at full draw this rig holds like a dream. The long riser, supported by Elite’s exclusive Riser Cage, gives the bow an undeniable sense of balance. I spent one afternoon firing arrows out to 60 yards in 15-20 mph winds, and in my opinion, the unique build of the riser helped me hold steadier than normal and deliver a number of lethal arrows. The flat-backed narrow grip, complimented by a pair of Elite-branded wood plates, feels great in the hand and reduces torque. The two-track cam system promises a smooth draw, and transition into the bow’s letoff isn’t at all abrupt.

At the shot the bow doesn’t jump. It doesn’t hum. It doesn’t tingle the hand. At the shot the Elite Synergy is dead, dead and dead. A quiet, dead-in-the-hand bow allows the shooter to stay focused on the target and execute proper follow through every time. Overall, I was very impressed with Elite’s 2015 flagship, and its reputation for shootability is definitely safe.

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