Bows keep getting faster. As a result, broadhead manufacturers must design broadheads that can handle the blistering speeds. New Archery Products (708-488-2500; offering the Trivex three-blade mechanical, which flies like a dart even at speeds up to 400 fps. The Trivex comes with extra-sharp diamize blades and a large chisel point that will make quick work of a whitetail. The 100-grain head has a 1-5/8-inch cutting diameter and is available in a vertical bow and crossbow version.

Rage BroadheadsRage Broadheads (866-387-9307; a new head called the X-treme Crossbow ($50/3) designed for crossbow hunters who want an extremely large entry wound when they pull the trigger. This amazing head opens up to a devastating 2.3 inches, which will make for short blood trails and faster recoveries. The X-treme Crossbow features ferrule alignment technology so the broadhead fits the bolt perfectly every time it is screwed on. On top of that, the head comes with Rage’s proven shock collar to ensure that the blades stay contained until impact. This two-blade broadhead sports .035-inch blades and is available in 100 grains.

Featuring revolutionary KORE Technology, Rage’s all-new 3-Blade is being described as tough, razor-sharp and spot-on accurate. Sporting a total of six independent cutting surfaces, the 3-Blade with KORE Technology is sure to wreak havoc on game animals. The .035-inch stainless steel blades produce a devastating 1.6-inch cut. Paving the way for the blades is the .5-inch cut tip. The innovative Shock Collar ensures proper blade retention both in the quiver and in flight, and the compact ferrule provides optimum weight distribution.

More women are getting into bowhunting, and for them, Dead Ringer (585-355-4685; the two-blade Stiletto Rampage 2 mechanical broadhead ($45/3). In flight, it is a 7/8-inch cut-on-contact head. Upon impact, it opens to 1-1/2 inches. The Stiletto comes with a case hardened stainless-steel trocar tip and the .032-inch blades are made of stainless spring steel. This 100-grain head comes in pink for a perfect accent to the rigs of many female bowhunters.

Broadheads from Swhacker (866-671-3827; become very popular over the last several years, largely because they are known to be very effective at bringing down game even on angled shots. For 2015, Swhacker is bringing a three-blade broadhead ($40/3) to market. The three-blade Swhacker comes with a super-slim ferrule; the head is only .875 inches in flight. After penetration, it opens to a whopping 1-1/2 inches. The head comes with a swept-back blade design and has an extra-sharp deployed cutting edge so the moment the head hits the hide of an animal, it starts cutting. Each pack of 100-grain heads comes with a practice head.

The foundation of G5 Outdoors (866-456-8836; broadheads.  One of the company’s most popular heads is the Havoc ($50/3). The Havoc is a two-blade mechanical head with a Dual Trap retention system that keeps the blades locked until impact. It also has a cut-on-contact tip for increased penetration. The Havoc is built with extra-sharp .030-inch German lutz blades, has a 2-inch cutting diameter and is available in 100 grains.G5 Havoc Broadheads

Grim Reaper (877-474-6732; a new line in 2015. The Old Glory line comes with many of the features bowhunters have come to expect from Grim Reaper but at a price point anyone can afford. The head is available in mechanical and fixed-blade versions. Both heads are built with super-strong 440 stainless-steel blades that are .035 inches thick so they can quickly get the job done on a whitetail or other big game. The ferrules on the Old Glory line of broadheads are made of 7075 aluminum, and the Trocar chisel tips are made of rust-proof hardened steel. “We wanted to provide a broadhead to consumers that they could shoot with confidence that came with many of the same features as more expensive heads,” said Grim Reaper’s Jay Leighty. “We wanted a head that was built in the U.S.A. for a price anyone could afford.” The Old Glory broadheads are available in 100 grains.

No Limit Archery (623-327-9041; an awesome-looking mechanical head called the Night Fury ($43/3). At the business end of the broadhead is a trocar chisel tip designed for busting bone. This eye-catching two-blade broadhead features swept-back 420 stainless-steel blades and a 416-hardened steel ferrule, making it extra tough. The cross-opening blades have an impressive 1-7/8-inch cutting diameter. The Night Fury is available in 100- and 125-grain models.

Wasp Archery (860-283-0246; a new mechanical head called the Jak-Knife ($32/3) that will surely get some attention. This two-blade broadhead has a 2-inch cutting diameter and a large stainless tip for great penetration and maximum internal damage. The Jak-Knife comes with an O-ring retention system so the head doesn’t open prematurely. This 100-grain head comes with tough .036-inch stainless-steel blades.

A new broadhead that recently burst onto the archery scene is the Hunga Munga (801-473-9134; broadhead ($35/3). Just when you think technology is all tapped out, a new company comes out with something new. What makes the Hunga Munga stand out are the blade clips that lock the blades in place during flight. The clips keep the blades from opening in flight, eliminate the need for rubber bands and remove any rattle or noise that sometimes occurs during flight. This broadhead features a “tip forward” design, which reduces bounce issues caused by steep-angled shots. The 100-grain Hunga Munga has a cutting diameter of 1-7/16 inches.

Probably the most unique broadhead I found this year is the Shape Shifter ($42/3) from InnerlocBroadheads (706-782-5863; This expandable broadhead is in a class of its own. The Shape Shifter is a three-blade mechanical broadhead with an Exo-Cover that slides over the broadhead. The Exo-Cover makes the broadhead appear and fly like a field point. When the broadhead hits the side of an animal, the Exo-Cover breaks away and the broadhead expands. The Exo-Cover is designed to make the broadhead more aerodynamic and field-point accurate. The Shape Shifter has .040-inch blades, boasts a 1-1/4-inch cutting diameter and is made from stainless steel.

One of the most innovative broadheads I found this year is the Detonator broadhead ($NA) from Crosspoint Archery (888-242-0801; When a bow is fired, the energy from the shot puts the broadhead in “set” mode. Once in set mode, the blades won’t deploy until the tip of the head comes in contact with the animal. This design is said to eliminate angled shot issues and problems with premature blade deployment. The low-profile design of the Detonator provides extreme accuracy.

The Xecutioner Broadhead (817-538-8918; unique. This hybrid broadhead comes equipped with a ½-inch fixed-blade head along with two mechanical blades that, when deployed, provide 2 ½ inches of additional blade surface. Combined, the fixed blade and mechanical blades make for extra-large entrance and exit holes for quick recovery. The blades are made of 440 stainless and are .050 inches thick. The O-ring on the broadhead can be adjusted so it works on low-poundage bows, speed bows and crossbows. This broadhead is 125 grains.



The Rocket (800-694-9494; Steel ($35/3) is a compact head that works well on almost all big-game animals. Thanks to its size, it has no planing issues – even at high speeds. It boasts a 1-inch cutting diameter and three vented Bacon Skinner blades that easily cut through almost anything. This steel broadhead features a titanium nitride coating for durability. From whitetails to African game, this head is one I really like. The Ultimate Steel is available in 100 grains.

Slick Trick (585-201-5390; an awesome fixed-blade crossbow head called the XBow Trick ($30/3) that will work well on crossbows and vertical bows. This four-blade broadhead comes in 150 and 175 grains. The added front end weight helps keep the bolt or arrow stabilized at high speeds and provides additional knockdown power. This broadhead has a 1-1/8-inch cutting diameter and is built with .035-inch German Lutz blades said to be some of the sharpest blades on earth.

Carbon Express (800-241-4833; the perfect complement to its quality arrows in the Shuriken broadhead ($30/3). This wicked cut-on-contact broadhead features a dual-blade design for a wound channel that is 30-percent larger than that created by the XT dual-blade broadhead. The Shuriken is designed to produce extremely large entrance and exit wounds for maximum blood loss.

D.R.T. broadheads ($35/3) from DirtNap Gear (855-859-3478; now available in a heavier version. The eye-catching two-blade D.R.T. HD comes in 150 grains. It features two bleeder blades and a 1.84-inch main blade. A 25-grain collar can be added to make this beast-of-a-broadhead 175 grains – perfect for African game and other large animals. The main blade is made of stainless steel and the ferrule is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The D.R.T. broadheads are Teflon-coated, and the blades are an extra-thick .051 inches.

Trophy Taker (406-826-0600; known for making a wide variety of awesome products including sights, rests and broadheads. For 2015, the company is offering an awesome new fixed-blade head called the A-Tac ($100/3). This compact powerhouse is a four-blade broadhead that features .080-inch thick blades to blow through bone like butter. The A-Tac is made of stainless steel and comes with a unique ferrule design that locks the blades. This extra-strong head is an elk hunter’s dream and is available with a 1-1/8- or 1-3/8-inch diameter. The A-Tac comes in 175 grains and up, making it a great option for dangerous game.

Wac’em Archery (256-502-9770; been on the archery scene for a long time and makes great broadheads built to bring down almost anything I’ve used these heads myself with great success. Wac’em was the original innovator of the cut-on-contact replaceable-blade broadhead. The Wac’em four-blade cut-on-contact broadhead ($35/4) is made of hardened stainless steel with a cut-on-contact tip that can be resharpened. This head sports with .027-inch thick blades, has a cutting diameter of 1-1/16 inches, and is available in 85, 100 and 125 grains.

Bowhunting turkeys can be fun, but finding the bird after the shot can be difficult. Muzzy (866-387-9307; hoping to eliminate that problem with the new M.O.R.E. broadhead ($40/3). This scary broadhead has a 3-inch cutting diameter and three stainless-steel .051-inch blades that will decapitate a turkey. Offset blades provide better flight and downrange accuracy, and the blades can be folded away when not in use by twisting the tip of the head, making transporting the head in a quiver extremely easy. The M.O.R.E. features an aluminum ferrule and is available in 125 grains.

Quality Archery Design (434-846-5839; an Exodus broadhead designed for crossbow hunters that will work well for anyone looking for a heavier head. The Exodus XBow ($40/3) features BOS (Blade Over Shaft) Technology. The blades sweep back over the arrow shaft, creating an extremely short, compact broadhead. According to the folks at QAD, the Exodus is so compact it is the same length as a field point, making it fly like a dart. The Exodus is built with three .040-inch blades and comes with a hardened stainless-steel tip that will surely break some bone, especially when shot out of a high-speed crossbow. This fixed-blade broadhead has a 1-1/4-inch cutting diameter and is available in 100 and 125 grains.

For those who want to tag a tom with archery tackle, Solid Broadheads (855-802-0866; the D-Cap ($60/2), a broadhead that will have old Tommy Boy sleeping with one eye open. This three-blade broadhead is as solid as a rock. Single-bevel sharpened blades provide extra strength and durability. The D-Cap features stainless-steel construction and a 4-inch cutting diameter, so even if the shot isn’t perfect, the tom will likely go home in a turkey vest.

Broadheads from Ramcat (412-519-5352; known for being extremely sharp and extremely aerodynamic. For 2015, the Ramcat comes with all the features that have made this head popular. Now, however, there’s a single-bevel grind blade option available which provides more broadhead/arrow rotation and deeper penetration. The Ramcat broadhead ($39/3) has a cut-on-contact chisel tip and a stainless-steel ferrule, and it’s available with Easton Deep Six Inserts. The 100-grain Ramcat has a 1-3/8-inch cut while the 125-grain model offers a 1-1/2 inch cutting diameter. The Ramcat has .032-inch offset blades that also help with downrange accuracy.

Flying Arrow Archery (855-764-4394; onto the scene a couple years ago with its radical broadhead designs. For 2015, the company is offering one of its most popular heads, the Toxic, in a crossbow head ($45/3). Like the original Toxic, the Toxic Crossbow comes with a bone-crushing chisel tip and radically curved blades that create an extra-large wound. The Toxic 100-grain crossbow head has a 7/8-inch cutting diameter with 4-3/4 inches of cutting surface. Also for 2015, bowhunters can purchase Practice Points that fly just like the Toxic heads to avoid ruining a good broadhead during target practice.

When bowhunters think of cut-on-contact heads, one name that quickly comes to mind is Magnus Broadheads (800-720-5341; For 2015, Magnus has a new compact powerhouse called the Black Hornet ($40/3) that is sure to sting anything in its path. The cut-on-contact head has two main blades and two extra bleeder blades for easy-to-follow blood trails. The Black Hornet is made with knife-grade stainless steel and has a Tanto point designed to quickly cut through bone and hide. The main blade on the Black Hornet is .059 inches thick, while the bleeders are .040. The Black Hornet is available in 100 or 125 grains and has a 1-1/4-inch cutting diameter.

Probably the most jaw-dropping broadhead of 2015 is the Rexpid ( This two-blade fixed-blade broadhead is one of a kind. On top of having two super-sharp blades, the broadhead has two rotary wing blades that act much like bleeder blades. These circular blades are designed to push the broadhead over ribs and small bones, resulting in a deeper and broader wound channel.