A pattern designed to melt into the surroundings from early-season too late, Sitka’s new Elevated II pattern is striking. Designed more for the whitetail crowd, the pattern also serves as a great big game pattern and is offered in throngs of innovative jackets, pants, gloves and base layers.

It was the new Elevated II cloaked base layers that Sitka’s Bill Neff showed me first.

“Our base layers have Polygiene Odor Control”, said Neff. “We have base layer offerings for all phases of the season. For those who hate a cold breeze shooting down their neck, we have the mock base layer that runs up on the neck. For those who like to vent a little bit, we have the quarter-zip. I’ve actually worn both the mock and the quarter-zip together and they make a great combo.

“Polygiene is anti-microbial technology and it inhibits the growth of stuff inside of the textile. Most scents are derived from the growth of bacteria and things like that. Polygiene helps prevent bacteria growth. It’s actually really well-known in the outdoor industry, but we may be the first to bring it to the hunting industry.

“We had a guy bring us a pair of socks he had worn for like four days. Of course, the socks had Polygiene. You could hardly smell a thing. It was very cool. Our whitetail and big game hunters need to know we haven’t ignored the scent-control aspect. It’s a very big part of our system.”

As for the pattern, as I noted earlier, it’s striking. The contrasts are amazing and will work well from an elevated treestand positon or on the ground.

For more information, visit www.sitkagear.com.