Building on the success of their popular Code Red line, the folks at Ripcord Arrow Rest set out to give bowhunters a little something more in a fall-away rest.  In their new-for-2015 Ace Micro-Adjust fall-away rest, they may have themselves another hit.

The Ace features an easily accessible knob that offers full micro adjustability for quicker, easier fine tuning and, ultimately, more precision. And a new ultra-slim thumb cock launcher that full contains the arrow and improves clearance.

Plus, the new FireFall design allows for let down while keeping the launcher in the up position for 100% arrow containment; it only falls when you fire.

The external cord, which differs from the Code Red line, not only eliminates cord wear and but also any possible interference. As an added bonus, dealers are saying it will be easier to work with, according to Ripcord’s National Account Manager, Kevin Anderson.

Visit Ripcord’s web site to take a closer look.