“We’ve been blessed to have some great years and our rest and broadhead lines continue to grow,” said QAD’s Kevin Fry. “Our limited-edition Patriot UltraRest HDX was a big hit earlier this year and we are really excited about the new Tactical.”

The new Tactical UltraRest HDX will retail for $155, and gives QAD lovers 11 different colors to choose from.

“The Tactical ushers in all the renowned features of the HDX,” said Fry. “The curved capture bar boosts fletching clearance, and our Lock-Down Technology guarantees no bounce back. Our rests are known for their no-fail characteristics, and we have put in a lot of work so hunters and target shooters can depend on them.”

Aside from Lock-Down Technology, the HDX also squelches out any chance of noise and vibration via Anti-Vibration Technology. In addition, the HDX features laser-cut felt, cam brake and dampeners for silence and full draw indicator marks for easy tuning.

For more information, visit www.qadinc.com.