Product Profile—Rac-Em-Bac

Unique new scented arrow head system lets you attract game without contaminating your hunt area.
Product Profile—Rac-Em-Bac

Have you ever managed to climb all the way up your stand tree and into your stand, stow your daypack, get seated and load an arrow—and then realize you forgot to put out your deer scent? So has lifelong bowhunter Tony Latiolais. The difference? Latiolais did something about it—and now and we can all benefit from his genius.

“I got up in my deer stand and realized that I forgot to put out my doe-in-heat scent. I just sat there and thought ‘there has to be a better way to put scent out without actually having to walk on the ground and placing it on the trail or area I want the deer to use,’” recalled Latiolais, creator of the Rac-Em-Bac scented arrow head system.

After a handful of prototypes and field-testing, Latiolais started narrowing down his options and finalizing the details for a working model. “I guess it was about a year-and-half ago when I got it working the way I wanted it to. Then, all of a sudden, all of these advantages started popping up. By actually deploying the scent from your treestand, you did not have to have any human interference in the zone,” Latiolais stated.

He continued, “As I shot it more often, it struck me that I did not need a laser rangefinder anymore. It was giving me instant range estimation. I would find the spot I wanted to shoot, and let’s say I used my 20-yard pin to deploy the Rac-Em-Bac scent head. Wherever it landed, I knew that was 20 yards!”

Another great advantage of the Rac-Em-Bac is when the wind shifts. “I do not know of another product that you can deploy when the wind shifts in the middle of the hunt other than the Rac-Em-Bac,” Latiolais admitted.

The Rac-Em-Bac also gives the hunter a huge advantage when deer start crossing a trail, or using an area where the hunter did not expect. “On numerous occasions, I have benefited from the Rac-Em-Bac when hunting a new stand for the first time. By having the capability to deploy it on any trail or area, I can go to my stand with the confidence that I can make changes ‘on the fly’ to maximize my hunting time—and without tipping off the game that I am in their area,” Latiolais explained.

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Seven Rac-Em-Bac Scent Heads

Rac-Em-Bac scent heads are currently offered in seven different varieties. The plastic arrowheads are designed to break on impact. Because it uses the same design as a standard broadhead or field point, it will attach to any standard arrow or crossbow bolt.

“All you have to do is screw it on to the end of your arrow and climb in your treestand or get settled in your ground blind. Then, find a gap in your cover and deploy it. Once the arrowhead hits—although the arrow will likely be stuck in the ground—the scent will have already been deployed in a 3- to 6-foot O.D. radius. The scent pretty much atomizes when the head hits,” explained Latiolais.

After the hunt you simply retrieve the arrow and remove any debris that is left (which is hardly anything) and attach a new head. That way, Latiolais advised, you will always be ready for your next hunt.

All of the Rac-Em-Bac scent heads are color coordinated. “I guess you can say the color scheme makes it an ‘idiot-proof’ system. For example, Corn is yellow; Acorn is brown, Triple Heat Doe is black and Persimmon is orange. We also have Honeysuckle, Crabapple, and Muscadine,” Latiolais stated. The color-coding makes it simple and allows the hunter to keep a few extra scent heads in a jacket pocket or backpack. Then, when they need one, they won’t have to read a package or label to get the right scent. “Then can just say ‘Yep, its yellow. That’s my Corn scent,’” Latiolais chuckled.

Rac-Em-Bac scent heads bring the hunter several other advantages over the competition as well. If you forget it in the pocket of your hunting clothes and it goes through the washing machine, it won’t break apart. Because the heads are so tough, they won’t leak when you have them in your pack either. Rac-Em-Back scent heads are airtight so the scent won’t lose its potency and does not require refrigeration.

“This is a big boost for the retailer. If the user has to refrigerate the scent, the retailer has to incur the cost to do the same. Rac-Em-Bac scent heads also have a shelf life of about two years, giving the retailer time to sell any product left over at the end of the hunting season,” Latiolais related.

In the near future, Rac-Em-Bac will be offered in three new varieties targeting hog, elk, and bear. “Although most of our scents work just fine for game other than deer, we are formulating scents to specifically target other big-game animals. While most scents target the rut, our scent offerings will cover you during the rut or the rest of the year when your game is foraging for food,” said Latiolais.

Currently, Rac-Em-Bac products are sold in a five pack, but a three pack will be joining the line in the very near future.

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