In January, New Breed Archery made a splash in the bowhunting world with the release of its highly innovative BLADE bow.

Well, the BLADE is ready for action and is being shipped to bowhunters everywhere.

New Breed Archery's BLADEConsumer demand for the BLADE has been overwhelming. New Breed Archery president Kyle Null says, “Our engineers and technicians have been working overtime to put the BLADE in the hands of our very important customers. We thank everyone for their support throughout this process!”

The BLADE features a smooth draw cycle, solid back wall and exceptional forgiveness, earning rave reviews from the lucky few that have had the privilege to put the bow through its paces.

The BLADE’s distinctive look is the result of blending a titanium bolt kit with stainless hardware, a gusset brace riser, two-piece extended pocket design, and an adjustable cable guard.

Visit for more details and specs on this truly innovative bow.

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