Mossy Oak's 'Break-Up Country' Proving Effective

The life-sized elements work in a perfect marriage with the various color tones to help blend a hunter into any environment.
Mossy Oak's 'Break-Up Country' Proving Effective

Officially, the pattern was unveiled at the 2015 ATA Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. The launch was a massive success, and finding a place to stand in or around the Mossy Oak booth was difficult. Attendees were buzzing about the manufacturer’s fourth iteration of its uber-popular Break-Up pattern.

A few weeks later the “COUNTRY” train rolled into Las Vegas, Nevada, where the buzz only intensified.

Mossy Oak Break Up Country“This has been our largest and most well-received launch in company history,” said Mossy Oak’s Tim Anderson. “Our team is always focused on giving hunters the best patterns possible, and our new Break-Up Country is, in our opinion, the best pattern out there for the hunter.”

Senior Vice President of Marketing Ben Maki noted the new Country pattern was a result of the team’s extensive field testing, giving hunters a pattern that will truly be effective no matter where or when they take to the field.

“The pattern combines digitally enhanced life-sized natural elements with the perfect color tones to help you blend and shadowing elements that truly break up your outline like no other pattern available on the market,” Maki added.

Since the ATA and SHOT Shows, I’ve spent a fair amount of time testing and tinkering with the pattern, and I’m very impressed. To date, I’ve used the pattern in the Texas brush country as well as on the plains of southeastern Colorado. What I’ve discovered is that because the pattern contains a variety of elements – elements found throughout North America – it’s very effective at breaking up a hunter’s outline in a variety of terrains.

I was also very pleased with the life-sized elements in the pattern, and though I was initially concerned that the pattern would be a bit too dark for the Western landscapes in which I often roam, that concern was quickly alleviated. The life-sized elements work in a perfect marriage with the various color tones to help blend a hunter into any environment. Because the elements in the pattern – leaves, sticks and the like – are true to size, the pattern achieves the ideal amount of depth.

Another feature that jumped out at me, especially when photographing a rifle hunter wearing the pattern on a very bright and sunny day, was its ability to virtually shadow the hunter, thus further breaking up the outline.

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