Eagle, Idaho-based Kryptek came to life when a pair of ex-military friends decided to create a camo pattern for the backcountry hunter based on their experiences on the battlefield. The results are too good to be missed – unless you happen to be a deer or other big game (which is the point, right?).

Kryptek’s Highlander camo was designed with a macro and micro layering pattern to fool the eye from as far away as 400 yards. At closer distances, the pattern continues the illusion of 3D on a 2D surface, effectively making the wearer invisible as quarry approaches. The Highlander Camo covers nearly 70% of Earth’s landscape.

A full line of apparel is offered from Kryptek, from merino wool moisture-wicking base layers through cold weather jackets, tops and pants that utilize Primaloft insulation and DWR water resistance. The pants in the line offer articulated knees, with optional knee pad pockets in several lines.

A total of 11 patterns are available, including the new-for-2015 Inferno, a blaze orange pattern that gives hunters the same high-tech hide-ability with the safety that bowhunters need during traditional firearms seasons.