With new bows designed to cover three segments of the bow-buying market – speed-freaks, all-around shooters and women hunters – Quest has hit the mark in 2015.

Each of the new bows in the line feature an all-new Stabilite riser that creates added strength while eliminating weight. Flexibility is also key, with up to 30lbs of limb adjustment to allow shooters to grow with each bow – all without any loss of efficiency.

The Amp is aimed squarely at speed freaks. A top-end speed of 340 fps and flexibility to boot are cornerstones of this bow.

Designed to appeal to the all-around shooter who desires shoot-all-day comfort in their bow, the Forge is sure to fit the bill.

The Storm is made for those who need more from a bow than “one size fits all.” Highlights include a slimmer grip for better control, a Fluid SD cam for better performance, and a lower draw weight for more comfort.

Launched at the 2015 ATA show, the new lineup is due to ship to dealers in a few weeks.