Ketchum, Idaho-based First Lite quietly launched its new camouflage pattern dubbed “Fusion” this fall, and the company is using this year’s Archery Trade Association show to pull out all the stops on a pattern it says is the perfect camo for a wide variety of hunting scenarios.

According to First Lite marketing manager Ryan Callaghan, the Fusion pattern uses so-called “mind confusion” science to overlay random patterns and blur the dimensional lines within the color palate to help make hunters hard to detect.

“With Fusion you’ve kind of got it all,” Callaghan says. “Depth, dense spots, open spots, fade elements … it opens up the further you get away from it.”

Co-developed with Joe Skinner of Veil Camo, the Fusion pattern uses seven colors found in most elements of the natural world.

Fusion is “built with a powerful combination of mathematical algorithms built around the very way the natural world shapes itself,” Skinner says on his company’s website.

“This pattern works on the open country and on the tree stand,” Callaghan adds.

All of First Lite’s Fusion-patterned clothing is unique, with no two items displaying the same pattern. The company’s gear is meticulously designed using rugged, adaptable materials such as ballistic nylon reinforced Merino wool, nylon stretch and waterproof breathable Cocona.