It was my first trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and my first stop after being picked up at the airport by Grand View Outdoors Group Publisher Jared Pfeifer was Schaffer Performance Archery. What a way to kick off a trip.

I love spending time with people who truly love this industry, who are dedicated to seeing others succeed, who run their businesses with passion and integrity. John Schaffer is one of those people and spending time in his shop was a true joy.

The shop is everything an archery pro shop should be: full of inventory, tastefully decorated and, most importantly, staffed by knowledgeable, passionate people dedicated to ensuring every customer gets the best service possible.

“It really is about relationships,” said John. “Currently, we are seeing a big influx in youth archery as well as women who want to become involved with the sport. It’s exciting to see these kids and women coming into the shop and shooting, and we want to make it an enjoyable experience for them. Right now we are selling a lot of youth bows in the $200 to $300 range, and those kids deserve the same amount of personal attention that someone purchasing a flagship bow would get.

“As far as the ladies’ market, we sold 300 bows to women last year. That’s huge for us, but it’s also very exciting for our industry. My entire staff strives to make sure that every archer that walks through our doors gets the same attention. When you give them attention, guide them while they pick out their accessories and then help them on the range, it goes a long way. Plus, we love doing it.”

It didn’t take long for John to prove his point. The shop opened for business, and the first customers through his door were a young lady and her father. The father-daughter combo was assisted immediately and, in a matter of minutes, was receiving a detailed coaching lesson at the shop’s indoor range. Seeing the smile on the girl’s face and watching her dad snap photo after photo on his iPhone told me all I needed to know about their experience. More customers followed and the once-quiet shop became a sea of activity, but not once was the shop’s phone allowed to ring more than twice. I couldn’t believe it. Shop employees, and even John himself on a couple of occasions, answered the phone with enthusiasm.

Schaffer Performance ArcheryPracticing what he preaches in his pro shop, John puts the same amount of passion, drive and energy into his products – his Opposition Lite arrow rest and Opposition Air sight are phenomenal.

I appreciate the guaranteed arrow containment that prevents the arrow from bouncing around in the rest. The arrow doesn’t move thanks to Glide Away Technology that keeps the arrow tight but then slides easily out of the way like a sliding glass door when the arrow is released. The rest has been tested up to 418 fps.

Schaffer Performance ArcheryAs for the sight, it’s super light – just 4 ounces, to be exact. For those looking to keep overall bow weight down, this sight is a great option. The sight is available in four- and six-pin models, and custom models can be built (I’m thinking a seven-pin would be perfect for me). In addition to being light, the sight boasts extremely bright and protected fiber optics.  Plus, I like the Opposed Pin System.

My fun in Minnesota isn’t over. Be sure to check back to see who else we visit, what hot trends we uncover and what great products we come across.

For more information about Schaffer Performance Archery, visit them on the web at or give them a buzz at (952) 894-6169.