On-The-Bow Gear

The micro-adjustable Covert Pro bow sight ($233) from Apex Gear (972-774-0300; www.apex-gear.com)allows tool-less adjustments with more than 60 pre-marked yardage tapes and an adjustable yardage stop. The Covert Pro features a green single pin with adjustable illumination settings, a 1.8-inch aperture and an adjustable second- and third-axis illuminated level. The aperture housing tilts for fine-tuning options, and the Gravity-Line rotational adjustment aligns pin movements with gravity, aiding in treestand or difficult angled shots.

From Archer Xtreme (406-924-6113; www.archerxtreme.com), the 14-ounce Nitrix bow quiver is available in 4-arrow ($140) or 6-arrow ($160) configurations. The Nitrix adjusts for length – from 11.5 to 17.5 inches – via a carbon fiber spine attached to the arrow rack. This ultra-quiet and rattle-free quiver hood features a cut-out that allows for quick viewing of your broadheads. The Nitrix mounts quickly and closely to the bow, but a steel cable D-loop allows you to hang it in a tree. The Nitrix accepts both carbon and aluminum arrows.

Archer Xtreme introduces the fully machined 6061 T6 aluminum Ronin bow sight ($190). The Ronin features a 2-inch HD Fiber Guard Sight Ring for fast target acquisition and five .019 pins. Stable on the bow, the Ronin is infinitely micro-adjustable, and it boasts a level and a micro LED to illuminate fibers in low light. The Ronin is convertible for right- and left-handed shooters.

The AccuTouch Slider ($289-$349, depending on style and options) from Axcel (434-929-2800; www.axcelsights.com)adjusts on all axes – first, second and third. An Elevation Tension Lever customizes sight-wheel tension. Turn-of-a-wheel Accu-Clicks promise to-the-yard dial-in adjustments. Three models are available. The Single-Pin features an aluminum standard-mount extension bar. The HD Single-Pin includes a Mathews Harmonic Damper. And the Carbon Pro Single-Pin offers light weight, strength and flexibility. The AccuTouch Slider includes a level and a 45-degree rear-facing sight tape; a sight light is optional. This sight’s green pin is offered in .019 or .010 sizes.

Black Gold (406-388-9060; www.blackgoldsights.com)has a new lightweight, 5-pin bow sight called the Back Draft (base price $207, 5-pin black). Using Black Gold’s photo-chromatic cover over coiled fiber-optic cords allows pin brightness to customize to ambient light and the hunting situation. Features include a sculptured base with oversized clamping dovetail, standard 1.75-inch aperture with brilliant neon-green sight ring (interchangeable), .019 pins and an adjustable level.

The new Revenge (base price $254, 5-pin black) is a lightweight 5- or 7-pin bow sight from Black Gold. As the day’s ambient light changes, the Revenge’s photo-chromatic cover over the fiber optics helps to customize the pin brightness. The Revenge also sports a sculptured base with oversized clamping dovetail or target extension, standard 1.75- or 2-inch aperture with brilliant neon-green sight ring (interchangeable), .019 pins and an adjustable level.

Custom Bow Equipment (606-663-2734; www.custombowequipment.com)introduces the machined-aluminum Tek Hybrid Pro hunting sight ($350), which features an improved dovetail mount, third-axis adjustment block and laser-engraved sight scales. The Tek Hybrid Pro is available in 1-, 3- or 5-pin configurations with 12 inches of .010, .019 or .029 fiber-optic pins with interchangeable heads. The sight offers gang adjust or individual-pin adjust, and other features include a bubble level, adjustable rheostat sight light and an oversized four-point Rapid Drive knob for a sure grip.

Made by Copper John (315-258-9269; www.copperjohn.com), the Afterburner rheostat sight light ($30) is available with adapters to fit all brands of sights – even the ones that are out of business. The light itself has a 1/4-28 thread, and the kit comes with adaptors for 3/8-24, 3/8-32, 3/8-36 and 7/16-20, plus an offset bracket for Trophy Ridge sights. Batteries are included.

The Helix Slider ($130 camo, $110 black) from FUSE (801-363-2990; www.fusearchery.com)uses a steel up-pin bracket for its .019 fiber optics and wraps a rubberized StealthBand around the aperture to minimize vibration. The Helix Slider is fingertip adjustable at the rear of the sight, and a level and sight light are included. This sight is right- and left-hand compatible.

The Playback Stabilizer ($300) from FUSEmakes it easy to download hunting videos to a smartphone or computer. The machined-aluminum body is waterproof to 30 meters and shockproof (tested to .50 caliber). The rechargeable lithium battery offers 2+ hours of record time on the included 32 GB SD card. The Playback’s 12 MP low-light sensor records in 1080p with 60-degree field-of-view, and it features a USB connection.

   With its wheel-forward design, the ultra-accurate Optimizer Lite King Pin ($349) from HHA Sports (800-548-7812; www.hhasports.com)is compatible with most quivers. This new introduction features 2.1 inches of vertical travel. The accurate yardage tape, which dials from 20 to 100 yards, is enhanced with a magnifier over the yardage scale. Interchangeable yardage wheels eliminate re-taping for different setups, while the “Blind 20” feature allows return to the 20-yard mark without looking. Other features include fully integrated second- and third-axis adjustment, an optional Blue Burst light and optional Feather Visions lenses in 2X, 4X or 6X. An Optimizer Lite King Pin Tournament Edition ($379), which offers 4 to 8 inches of dovetail adjustment, a sun shade and a sight cover, is also available.

Hoyt (801-363-2990; www.hoyt.com) introduces Pro Series sights with .019 pins and Shock Rod technology. These sights feature easy and precise elevation and windage adjustment, extra-long bundled fibers and second- and third-axis adjustability. Available in 3-, 5- and 7-pin models, the Pro Series comes micro and standard gang adjust and in black or a variety of camo patterns. A sight light and bubble level are included.

New Pro Series Stabilizers from Hoyt use proven Shock Rod technology to dissipate noise and vibration. These superior stabilizers increase accuracy while maintaining stealth. Available in 5.5- and 8-inch models, these machined-aluminum cylinders come in black or a number of camo options.

The Ultra Lite sight from IQ Bowsight (866-574-8741; www.iqbowsight.com)comes in 3-pin ($100) and 5-pin ($110) models. It boasts lightweight polymer construction and silent-coat finish with Retina Lock instant feedback technology to control muscle memory, form and consistency, allowing archers to shoot tighter groups at greater distances. Other features include adjustable windage and elevation, built-in level and .019 stack-tight fiber-optic pins. The Ultra Lite is available in models to fit both right- and left-handed shooters. A rheostat sight light is sold separately.

The 5-arrow Hi-5 quiver ($50) from Kwikee Kwiver (800-891-3660; www.kwikeekwiver.com)has a new mounting bracket, but the new design works with existing Kwikee brackets as well. The Hi-5 weighs 10.6 ounces and has a 14-inch overall length. This quality quiver holds arrow shafts at two points, which is excellent for mechanical heads. Available in a variety of camo patterns, the Hi-5 holds a large range of shaft diameters. The Hi-5 can be combined with the Bracket Kaddy to attach to a tree.

The LS Hunter stabilizer ($70) from LimbSaver (360-427-6031; www.limbsaver.com)has a sleek carbon-fiber frame packed with vibration-dampening technology. The removable weighted Broadband node neutralizes vibration, helps eliminate bow jump and improves bow balance.

LimbSaver’s compact HD S-Coil stabilizer ($25) is available in multiple HD camo options. The 4.5-inch S-Coil’s geometry reduces bow torque, vibration, hand shock and unwanted noise.

Mathews (608-269-2728; www.mathewsinc.com)is now offering the ArrowWeb CT (compact) and T-Series bow quivers in the new Lost OT Camo pattern. The CT is Mathews’ lightest, most compact quiver, featuring a reduced profile for bow balance and weight reduction. The CT also sports a GridLock hood with hood inserts in 10 colors. The CT accommodates four or six arrows and both expandable or fixed blade broadheads to 11⁄8-inch.

The NightHawk ($50) from New Archery Products (708-488-2500; www.newarchery.com)is a full-containment capture drop-away arrow rest that incorporates sound-dampening Santoprene. The all-metal NightHawk offers laser gradations, a lightweight magnesium housing and a pre-installed felt pad for a quiet draw and release. Available in a right-hand model only, the NightHawk fits all bows.

New from Pine Ridge (877-746-7434; www.pineridgearchery.com)is the unique Nitro Hunter Stabilizer with Sawtooth vibration-dampening technology. The Sawtooth blades found on the stabilizer’s lightweight aluminum body are made of vibration-destroying material that quickly quiets radical speed bows. The Nitro Hunter Stabilizer is available in 5.5-inch, 5-ounce ($25) and 7.5-inch, 6-ounce ($30) versions, and it comes in black, Mathews Lost Camo and Next G1 Vista Camo, as well as a new Snake Pattern in eight color options.

PSE (520-884-9065; www.pse-archery.com)has teamed up with QAD (434-846-5839; www.qadinc.com) to produce a custom PSE Ultra-Rest, designed for a seamless, secure fit on PSE bows. The Ultra-Rest provides total arrow containment, while Lock-Down Technology ensures total fletching clearance and no bounce-back. This Rest is available in right- and left-hand models and in black ($159) and in red and Mossy Oak Infinity ($175).

The black X-Force Drive Max by PSE brings four .019 pins to a lightweight wire-frame housing with bubble level and adjustable rheostat Purple Haze sight light. Speed dial allows adjustment for long-distance shots, and the Drive Max boasts a yardage-indicator pin and yardage block. The sight accepts an optional lens kit in 2X, 3X, 4X and 6X.

The latest from Quality Archery Designs (434-846-5839; www.qadinc.com)is the new Ultra-Rest HDX Tactical ($155). With the addition of the all-new Tactical pattern, shooters now have 11 different colors to choose from in the HDX line. And the Ultra-Rest HDX goes far beyond its racy looks. The curved capture bar boosts fletching clearance, and QAD’s Lock-Down Technology guarantees no bounce back. Other notable features of the HDX include laser-cut felt, cam brake and dampeners for silence and full draw indicator marks for easy tuning.

BOW Pro from Seal 1 (207-965-8860; www.seal1.net)is an all-in-one “green-engineered” product line that cleans, lubes and protects bows and crossbows with a unique Bio-Based Sub-Micron Technology. BOW Pro (1 ounce, $10) serves as a rail lube and string wax.

From a company that specializes in competitive archery, the new Lethal Weapon RED ($370) from SURE-LOC (877-322-9988; www.sureloc.com)is an all-weather, 5-pin hunting sight. The Lethal Weapon RED boasts a smaller aperture with a sight light and level, and it’s threaded to hold an optional 42mm lens. Other features include five-axis micro-adjustments, micro-adjustable (individual or gang-adjust) .019 pins in stainless-steel tubes, 6-inch adjustable extension and laser-engraved indicator marks on the adjustments. The Lethal Weapon RED with Retina Lock (5-pin $420, 7-pin $440) provides instant feedback that identifies the slightest torque or change in anchor point.

Tactical Archery Systems (877-686-7226; www.tacticalarcherysystems.com)introduces the 2nd Generation SABO, non-electronic holographic sight for left-handers ($152). This sight eliminates the need for a peep sight and helps correct issues with eye dominance, near- and farsightedness and failing vision in low light. Independently adjustable holographic dots give you multiple yardage dots. The Operator universal mounting system ($28) is made from machined aluminum with four military-standard Picatinny rails. Weighing just 2.5 ounces, it mounts between the riser and existing stabilizer, providing a mounting platform for cameras, lights, lasers and other accessories.

The aluminum Trophy Ridge (800-694-9494; www.trophyridge.com)React Trio ($249) is a semi-traditional 3-pin sight with an adjustable 40-yard up-pin. React Technology allows you to use the 40-yard pin to dial and shoot accurately to 120 yards. This innovative sight features multiple mounting holes for additional versatility, a sight level with second- and third-axis adjustability, tool-less micro-adjustment, .019 pins and a rheostat light.

Trophy Taker (406-826-0600; www.trophytaker.com)introduces the new Option 6 sight ($370). With just a flick of the wrist, you can transform the Option from a hybrid fixed- and moveable-pin sight to a true single-pin mover – the fixed pins rotate out of view for maximum single-pin visibility. Rubber dampeners ensure whisper-quiet operation in the field, and protected fiber optics make for ultra-bright stainless-steel pins. Other features include second- and third-axis adjustability, clickable micro-adjust windage and elevation and a smooth helix drive moveable-pin system.

TruGlo (888-887-8456; www.truglo.com)builds the micro-adjustable Archer’s Choice Range Rover Pro Sight ($233). Zero-In technology lets archers dial-in elevation, while the green illuminated center dot inside a .5-inch circle is brightness adjustable (battery included). The ambidextrous Range Rover Pro offers precision click micro-adjust windage, tool-less adjustments, more than 40 pre-marked yardage tapes, adjustable yardage stop and laser-etched marks. The housing accepts a 1.87-inch lens, and the quiver mounts directly to the bracket.

The MicroTac Micro-Laser Sight ($150) from TruGlo fits any crossbow or gun with a Picatinny or Weaver-style rail. In 650mm red or 520mm green, the Micro-Laser weighs less than an ounce and includes ambidextrous push-button activation and two laser modes: constant and pulse. Water- and shock-resistant, the Micro-Laser sports windage and elevation adjustments and automatic shut-off after five minutes.

The Blade X target rest system ($140, black) from Vapor Trail (763-862-8870; www.vaportrailarchery.com)is a spring steel stationary rest with nearly limitless adjustment options. This fully micro-adjustable rest has two separate bolt locations for windage and an “exact fit” slot for seven different blade sizes and types. The Blade X features a micro-adjustable blade angle.


Release Aids

Cobra (800-352-6272; www.cobraarchery.com)brings two new release aids to market for 2015. Each comes with a padded leather strap and an easy-adjust nylon head attachment. The C-714S Safari is a caliper release, while the C-722 Serengeti is a single sear with stainless mechanism.

The new Outsider from Jim Fletcher Archery (760-379-2589; www.fletcherarchery.com)is a loop-only, thumb-trigger release. With your index finger on the Outsider’s stabilizer arm and your thumb on the trigger, squeeze the stabilizer arm and trigger together for a consistent, ultra-smooth shot. Great for hunting or target shooting, the Outsider can help overcome the tendency to “jerk” the trigger and help defeat target panic.

The new Anchor hinge-style release ($200) from Scott (606-663-2734; www.scottarchery.com)is available with interchangeable 2-, 3-, 4- or 4-finger swept handles. This quality release features a fully enclosed index finger design, heavy-weight stainless-steel construction and a half-moon head for adjustability. Interchangeable thumb pegs are included.

Stanislawski Archery Products (315-258-9269; www.ishootastan.com)is now building its popular Heavy Metal “shootoff release” from copper. The Heavy Metal is still available in both the standard blue/black bright dip and blackout finishes, but archers can now also opt for the Heavy Metal Copper version ($270) in burnished copper. The oversize trigger is adjustable for size and tension. Multiple sizes and finger configurations are available, and the Heavy Metal boasts 440C stainless micro-adjustable steel sears.

Manufacturer of hunting and target releases T.R.U. Ball (434-929-2800; www.truball.com)presents the hand-held Honey Badger Claw competition release ($260). This solid brass release features an ergonomic handle – M or L, 3- and 4-finger – that narrows toward the pinky. The micro-adjust speed dial uses one screw and visual reference settings. The Honey Badger Claw has a machined grip, option of click/no click and an adjustable thumb peg.


Clothing & Boots

Browning (800-333-3288; www.browning.com)has new blended down jackets for men and women. Wind- and water-resistant, these quality jackets have hand-warmer pockets, and the inside pockets have zipper closures. All are available in black, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and Realtree Xtra. The men’s Hell’s Canyon jackets are available in sizes S-3XL ($200-$225), while women’s Hell’s Bells jackets – with women’s contoured fits – come in S-2XL ($187-$200).

New from Próis (970-641-3355; www.próishunting.com)is the ArchTach Down Jacket ($400). Engineered with 100-percent microfiber ripstop fabric with down acrylic coating for weather resistance, the ArchTach Jacket boasts goose down 800 fill, and smaller baffles help the down retain loft after washing. Features include lycra vented armpits and an extended back length to keep out drafts. The ArchTach comes in sizes XS-XXL and is available in Realtree APX, Advantage Max 1, Mountain Mimicry and black.

The new Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt ($50) from Huntworth Gear (www.huntworthgear.com)comes in a mid-weight for a wide range of field conditions. Available in sizes M-2XL, this shirt comes in Huntworth’s exclusive camo, Oak Tree EVO. It’s soft and fleecy on the inside for warmth and comfort, while smooth polyester ripstop fabric on the outside ensures silence. The Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt offers a bicep patch pocket with an invisible zipper, a high stand zippered collar and non-chafing flatlock seams.

Girls With Guns brand boots by Pro Line (800-334-4612; www.gwgclothing.com)emphasize “fashion meets function.” Boots, in sizes 5-10, are waterproof, insulated and feature Mossy Oak camo patterns. The Huntress ($100) is a 6-inch hunting boot with 400 grams of 3M Thinsulation Ultra, removable cushioned orthotic insole and secondary insole for a custom fit. The Tigress ($110) is an 8-inch style made with premium Nubuck leathers and 600 grams of 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation.

LaCrosse Footwear (800-323-2668; www.lacrossefootwear.com and www.danner.com)introduces the lightweight, waterproof 4xAlpha knee boot ($130-$160) for protection and comfort. Four layers of cushioning and sufficient adjustability hold the boot in place in mud and allow you to tuck in your camo. The 4xAlpha is available in 3.5mm and 7mm neoprene with a snake-boot style – with 360 degrees of protection – in 3.5mm neoprene. The 4xAlpha is offered in men’s sizes 6-15 in whole sizes only and in Realtree Xtra and Xtra Green.

RAM Stalker boots ($160) from Rocky Brands (866-442-4908; www.rockyboots.com)have a thin rubber outsole for better contact with the ground and a unique sock-like fit for ease of mobility. Constructed with a lightweight ripstop upper and 400 grams of PrimaLoft insulation, the RAM Stalker Boots provide a speed-lacing system and come in Realtree Xtra.

The Rocky Brands Silent Hunter Elite garments in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country are waterproof, windproof and insulated, and they boast Scent IQ scent control. The wind shirt ($90) features 4-way stretch polyester, while the soft shell jacket ($209) has four exterior zippered pockets, an interior pocket and a removable hood. The pants ($190) are micro-fiber and micro-fleece with hip and thigh pockets. The four-pocket quilted jacket ($190) has a micro-suede shell with a polyester micro-tricot lining, as does the insulated stealth cloak ($310). A rear harness slot allows for easy attachment to a treestand.

Black Out Series garments from ScentBlocker (800-397-1927; www.scentblocker.com)are specifically designed for hunters in blinds. Utilizing the Trinity scent-control system, the Black Out Series consists of a lightweight shirt, jacket, watch cap, gloves and facemask – all in black.

The ScentBlocker Dead Quiet jacket and pants ($170 each) feature soft, water-repellent outer fabric that’s silent in nearly all conditions with inner microfiber fleece and ScentBlocker Trinity Tech for scent control. Dead Quiet garments provide lots of pockets and plenty of bowhunter-friendly features and are available in Mossy Oak Country or Realtree Xtra.

The Covert Deluxe Windproof Fleece System from SCENTLOK (800-315-5799; www.scentlok.com)uses windproof technology fused within the softshell fabric to avoid bulk while still delivering warmth and comfort. Carbon Alloy technology provides unmatched odor control. The jacket (from $200) offers side-access pockets, a safety-harness access opening, dual-paneled back, large underarm gussets and articulated elbows. The pants (from $200) feature softshell fabric from the knee down, angled pockets, removable lightweight suspenders and high-rise leg zippers for easy dressing in the field.

Sitka Gear (877-748-5247; www.sitkagear.com)has introduced an insulated Celsius Jacket and Shacket in Gore OptiFade Elevated II available in sizes M-3XL. Both incorporate a safety-harness pass-through. The jacket ($179) has plenty of pockets. The shacket ($199) incorporates a diagonal full-length zipper and built-in front hand muff with short sleeves. 

    Re-introduced by Sitka Gear is the Fanatic jacket and bib – plus a new Hoody and Lite Series. The Fanatic Lite Jacket ($289) and Fanatic Hoody ($189) come in the Gore OptiFade Elevated II pattern and in sizes M-2XL. The jacket features quiet, air-permeable micro-fleece, while the Fanatic Hoody includes a built-in facemask and odor-control technology. The bib ($389) has a built-in bow-rest pocket near the ankle, and the standard jacket ($399), available in sizes S-3XL, is insulated. The Fanatic Gloves ($40) have a half-finger design on the forefinger and thumb and come in M-XL.

StormR (www.stormrusa.com)introduces a number of products in Realtree Max-4. Designed for safety, warmth and mobility, these garments feature Neoprene Core Technology for comfort and thermal benefits in a thin, soft and flexible wind- and waterproof shell. Other features include magnetic pocket closures, internal neoprene cuffs, plenty of exterior pockets and a call holder. Look for StormR Stealth jackets, bibs, watch cap, beanie and gloves.

Under Armour’s (888-727-6687; www.underarmour.com)Ridge Reaper Extreme Boot ($225) is being branded by UA as “its most advanced hunting boot to date.” Tested and proven in the harshest environments and conditions imaginable, the Ridge Reaper Extreme sports a high-abrasion 900D nylon upper with seamless construction, GORE-TEX breathable water lining, UA Scent Control lining with Cupron anti-bacterial copper-infused sock liner top cover, UA ClutchFit ankle-support system and lightweight molded EVA midsol.



ALPS OutdoorZ (800-344-2577; www.alpsoutdoorz.com)offers the multi-purpose 2,325-cubic-inch Crossfire pack ($140) with large main and organizational pockets. The detachable front pocket can be attached to the pack for easy gear access or worn independently with its own shoulder strap. Available in brushed Realtree Xtra and Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, the Crossfire features a vented back, lightweight X-frame, padded shoulders straps and waist belt, a drop-down pocket to carry a bow or gun and multiple zippered and mesh pockets.

Always at the forefront of pack design and innovation, Badlands (800-386-7839; www.badlandspacks.com)goes tactical with its first-ever solid-color pack options. Designed with superior functionality in mind, the initial Badlands Black Series is comprised of the 2,200 cubic-inch BOS Tactical Pack ($330), 2,000 cubic-inch RAP18 Tactical Pack ($300), 800 cubic-inch HDX Tactical Daypack ($190), Bino Case ($100) and Everything Pocket ($30). Using Schoeller aramid fabric from Switzerland, the packs are both bulletproof and extremely light. Adding an eye-catching appeal is Badlands’ battle-proven suspension system, which increases ventilation and comfort and ensures a custom fit and feel. Molle webbing, hydration compatibility and a not-to-be-ignored look make the Badlands Black Series a tactical fanatic’s dream come true.

From Easton Outfitters (800-800-6686; www.eastonoutfitters.com), the Tailgate Duffel in Realtree Xtra provides a rugged bag for equipment. Two sizes – small (1,200 cubic inches, $100) and large (2,700 cubic inches, $120) – in water-resistant nylon feature a “stay-open” lid flap, mesh zipper pocket, LED internal TABlight for illumination, daisy-chain gear loops, removable shoulder straps and straps for bow or gun. These convenient bags boast premium construction and tough tarpaulin waterproof bottoms.

A hunting backpack exclusively designed for women, the Pro Series Women’s Canyon Backpack ($25) from Fieldline (www.fieldline.com)offers versatility with a dash of pink. Its roomy main compartment measures 17x13x7 inches and a three-quarter opening makes loading and unloading easy. This pack sports zippered openings and paracord pulls, as well as a side water-bottle pocket, yoked shoulder straps and a padded back. Fieldline’s Gear-Lock Modular Locking System allows multiple configurations in a few easy steps. The Women’s Canyon Backpack is cloaked in Realtree APX.

Tenzing (800-874-6905; www.tenzingoutdoors.com)introduces the TZ 721 Waist Pack ($130) for days when a backpack is not required. This trim, 2-pound pack has 17 compartments plus a smartphone pocket, exterior webbing and compression straps. Other features include a breathable mesh waist, padded hip panels and an adjustable belt (from 24-56 inches). You can wear the Waist Pack as a fanny pack or in front for gear accessibility. A built-in muff and four specialized pockets for hand warmers help cold hands. The Waist Pack comes in Realtree Xtra and Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.

Tenzing believes no single pack is right for every situation. The #1260 Day Pack ($160) has 1,285 cubic inches of capacity with eight pockets and specialized compartments, and you can attach extras with nine compression straps. A side mount secures an arrow quiver, while the soft Tricot shell over Dyneema strength panels minimizes noise. The 21⁄3-pound Day Pack offers padded hip panels, a breathable mesh back and an elastic waist belt. A 2-liter water pouch ($39) is optional.

From Watson Airlock (855-469-2876; www.watsonairlock.com)comes the solution for organizing, transporting and storing hunting gear. The four Geo-Pak Set ($80) – Block XL (918 cubic inches), Block L (529 cubic inches) and uniquely shaped 144-cubic-inch Wedge and 308-cubic-inch Cylinder – in the Geo-Pak Series accommodate all shapes and sizes of hunting accessories and clothing except exposed sharp objects. The set is available in black and Mossy Oak Break-Up.


Arrows & Accessories

Beman (801-539-1400; www.beman.com)introduces ready-to-shoot White-Label carbon arrows (4-pack, $25). These arrows are cut to length and fully assembled with vanes, nocks, inserts and practice points; they’re also straightness checked and weight matched. Beman White-Label arrows are available in ATA standard arrow lengths to 29.5 inches and for bows to 70 pounds.

Designed for outdoor target shooting with compound bows, the 3-inch, 6.5-grain Ice vane (36-pack, $14) from Bohning (231-229-4247; www.bohning.com)combines the Impulse’s low profile with durable Blazer material. Fletch Ice vanes at a 1-degree offset on smaller-diameter target shafts. Ice vanes are .3 inches high and come in 10 colors.

Available now from Bowjax (208-762-3692; www.bowjax.com), Super Speed String Sleeves (4-pack, $7) help silence your bowstrings and add a little bit of speed. The originals weighed 16 grains, but the new Speed String Sleeves weigh 26 grains and can replace brass nocks. Super Speed String Sleeves are available in black, orange, fluorescent green, red and pink.

Carbon Express (800-241-4833; www.carbonexpressarrows.com)Maxima BLU RZ (6-pack, $90) hunting arrows are made with proprietary Diamond Weave carbon material with stiffer ends that isolate the arrow’s flex in the middle – the “Red Zone.” These fast and lightweight arrows are laser checked for straightness to 1/10,000. Available in 6- and 12-pack sets, Maxima BLU RZ arrows are sorted and matched by weight and spine (spine-selection sorting tolerance is +/- 0.0025 and weight sorting tolerance is +/- 1.0 grain). Launchpad Precision Nocks, Blazer Performance Vanes and BullDog Nock Collars are standard.

Carbon Express Maxima PNK RZ Mathews Edition hunting arrows are precision shooting instruments. Pink accents match the Mathews Chill SDX PNK bow graphics, while the proprietary Diamond Weave carbon and stiffer ends better isolate the arrow’s flex. Available in a 150 spine (6.59 grains/inch), the PNK RZ is designed for women and youth pulling light draw weights. Maxima PNK RZ arrows are laser checked for straightness to 1/10,000 and come in 6- and 12-pack sets sorted and matched by weight and spine (spine-selection sorting tolerance is +/- 0.0025 and weight sorting tolerance is +/- 1.0 grain). Launchpad Precision Nocks, NRG-2 High Performance Vanes and BullDog Nock Collars are standard.

Clean-Shot (800-242-9023; www.clean-shot.com)has a new Bowfishing Adaptor (3-pack, $13) for its waterproof Nock Out Lighted Nocks. The aluminum Bowfishing Adaptor is glued onto a  5⁄16-inch shaft, and the Nock Out Lighted Nock (for vertical bows) fits in perfectly. Nock Out Lighted Nocks are sold separately.

The Clean-Shot Nock Out Lighted Nocks for crossbows (3-pack, $35) fit all carbon shafts with inner diameters of .285, .297 and .300 inches. For practice or to save battery life in bright sunlight, you can deactivate the LED by rotating the activation collar 45 degrees. The Nock Out Lighted Nocks weigh approximately 30 grains, boast a battery life of 24 hours and are available in half moon (crescent) and flat back in red, green or yellow.

With over a year of field testing under their belts and throngs of “traumatized” longbeards to show for it, the Dead Ringer (585-355-4685; www.deadringerhunting.com)team is confident its first-ever Hybrid Adjustable Trauma broadhead will put an end to the long tracking jobs that often follow an archery-struck bird. The Dead Ringer Trauma uses an all-new-to-the-industry blade set capable of moving from 2.5 inches to a devastating 3.125-inch cutting diameter. The .032-inch-thick spring stainless-steel blades were designed to be indestructible, and the 7075 aluminum ferrules ensure precise weight consistency.

DirtNap Gear’s (855-859-3478; www.dirtnapgear.com)D.R.T. ($35, pack of three) features an innovative modular weight system that allows you to choose between a 100- and a 125-grain head without changing broadheads. Available in single- and double-bevel models, the D.R.T. boasts a 1.21-inch main blade and a .63-inch bleeder blade for a total cutting surface of 1.84 inches. A penetration-enhancing Teflon coating comes in a number of attractive colors. For 2015, DirtNap is adding a Mathews Lost Camo edition in Mathews gold, a Deep Six D.R.T. and a heavy-duty, 150-grain model.

Easton (801-539-1400; www.eastonhunting.com)has a new micro-diameter carbon arrow, the Deep Six XD (6-pack fletched, $80), which uses the Deep Six broadhead standard. The Micro X diameter provides better aerodynamics and enhanced penetration. The Deep Six XD features pre-installed X-Nocks and comes with easy-to-install stainless-steel RPS inserts that are 65-percent stronger than aluminum inserts. The Deep Six XD is available in 490, 400, 340 and 295 sizes and boasts a straightness tolerance of +/- .003.

Easton also offers the FMJ Bowfishing dual-material arrow ($50). The FMJ is a fiberglass shaft jacketed in 7075 aluminum and equipped with AMS Mayhem Points and steel Cyclone Tips. The barbs lay flat for shooting and expand upon retrieval to 2.5 inches – just rotate the shaft to release. The 32-inch FMJ Bowfishing weighs 1340 grains and is equipped with the AMS Safety Slide System.

Firenock (815-780-1695; www.firenock.com)introduces the Tomahawk, the first-ever blunt-force broadhead that is not meant to pass completely through an animal but to knock it down in its tracks. The Tomahawk delivers a maximum blow by transferring kinetic energy to the target. Constructed from solid stainless steel, the Tomahawk boasts two 40-degree single-bevel edges. The blades are not designed to be sharp, but can be sharpened. The Tomahawk is designed for use with high-powered crossbows.

The ultra-accurate Ramcat from Fulton Precision (412-519-5352; www.ramcatbroadheads.com)features a one-piece, stainless-steel ferrule and a Hydroshock Self-Centering Chisel Tip with patented deep lobes – which eliminate wind planing – and Firenock’s Aero Insert Technology. The Ramcat is available in a 100-grain, 13⁄8-inch cutting diameter model and in a 125-grain, 1½-inch model. The Ramcat is also available in a Deep Six model, and Fulton will now be offering a crossbow-specific Ramcat (although the original Ramcat also works with crossbows).

The M.O.R.E. (3-pack, $40) is the new 125-grain turkey head from Muzzy (770-387-9300; www.muzzy.com). The M.O.R.E. (which stands for Merriam, Osceola, Rio Grande and Eastern) sports a 3-inch cutting diameter with three .051 blades to easily decapitate a gobbler. The fixed-blade design converts to a locked fold-back configuration with 3⁄4-inch diameter for storage with two twists of the stainless Trocar tip. The blades have a 1.5-degree right offset. Replacement blades are sold separately.

New Archery Products (708-488-2500; www.newarchery.com)offers a 12-pack ($10) of Quikfletch Wraps for archers building custom arrows. With Quikfletch, cresting takes only minutes, and no tools or glue are required. Simply slip Quikfletch over the arrow shaft (carbon or aluminum) and dip in boiling water, and Quikfletch shrinks to the arrow. Multiple colors and designs are available.

Nockturnal (866-387-9307; www.nockturnal.com), a subsidiary of FeraDyne Outdoors, presents the 11⁄8-inch-diameter, six-vane Helios fletching/nock system. Spinning at 2,500 rpm at just 240 fps, the 54-grain Helios is virtually unaffected by wind. A translucent urethane base transmits light from the illuminated nock. And because the Helios is molded in one piece, there’s no loose or misaligned fletching. The Helios is available in a standard illuminated version (3-pack, red or green, $35) with instant-on, string-activated nock or the non-illuminated Helios Eclipse version (6-pack, $35). Five sizes (S, G, H, GT and X) are available in each version.

The Nitro Vane from Pine Ridge (877-746-7434; www.pine-ridgearchery.com)is now available in a 2.2-inch low-profile version that’s only 0.41 inches high (36-pack, $10). The extra length and low profile yields an aerodynamic vane that offers less wind resistance and more stabilization for tighter groups. Micro glue pockets securely hold glue in place during fletching, and the Nitro Vanes bond rock solid to carbon, aluminum and wood shafts. The Nitro Vane is available in eight colors and can be purchased with the Mathews logo inscribed.

Rage (866-387-9307; www.ragebroadheads.com), introduces the 3-Blade with KORE engineering (3-pack, $50). This all-stainless broadhead provides six independent cutting surfaces. The .035 blades are only .75-inches wide in flight, but open to produce a 1.6-inch cutting diameter. A Shock Collar ensures proper blade retention. This 3-blade head features SlipCam deployment and a non-barbed design.

The swept blade angle of the Crossbow X-treme (3-pack, $50) from Rage allows it to maintain maximum kinetic energy for extreme penetration, larger entry and exit wounds and massive blood trails. Stainless .035 blades produce a 2.3-inch-diameter cut. The 100-grain heads mounted with Shock Collars use Ferrule Alignment Technology for proper fit and perfect flight.

New from Trophy Taker (406-826-0600; www.trophytaker.com) are the A-TAC broadheads (3-pack, $100). These tough heads feature a ferrule machined from a single piece of stainless steel with a 5⁄8-inch cutting diamater. A single-piece, un-vented stainless-steel blade slips through the ferrule and locks into place, creating a 4-blade, 11⁄8- or 13⁄8-inch main-blade cutting diameter (depending on model). This cut-on-contact head boasts an ultra-thick .080 main blade. The A-TAC is available in standard thread and Deep Six options.

The Jak-Knife (3-pack, $32) from Wasp Archery (860-283-0246; www.wasparchery.com)is a new 2-blade mechanical broadhead. The 100-grain head has a 2-blade cutting diameter with pressed-on stainless-steel tip, .036 stainless-steel blades and a neoprene O-ring retention system.


Field Gear

From Uncle Freddie’s, a division of Altus Brands (231-421-3810; www.altusbrands.com), comes the reusable Big Game Gut Glove. This liquid-proof glove takes the mess and potential disease hazard out of field dressing game animals. Made from tough synthetic rubber (not latex) with an antimicrobial cotton liner, the Big Game Gut Glove boasts an extra-long 26-inch length with self-tightening shoulder grip. The glove is available in five sizes from XS-XL.

Eartheasy’s (888-451-6752; www.eartheasy.com)award-winning LifeStraw water filter is now available in an easy-to-use sports bottle. Simply unscrew the top and use the body of the bottle to scoop water from any pond, stream or river. Reattach the top, deploy the drinking tip and you have a clean, ready-to-drink supply of water. Perfect for the backcountry hunter, the LifeStraw Go is ultra-light and keeps harmful bacteria out of your system.

The latest addition to the innovative ThermaCell line (866-753-3837; www.thermacell.com), ProFLEX Heated Insoles Foot Warmers were designed to keep your feet toasty when Mother Nature is at her worst. Engineered to be more comfortable and flexible than the original ThermaCell Heated Insoles, this new breed promises longer use time, contains a removable and rechargeable battery and can be charged with either a standard wall charger or USB cable. Simply place the heated insoles inside your cold weather boot and activate with the included wireless charger. Heat can then be adjusted from medium to high.

The Butt Hook Combo ($25) fromHunter’s Specialties (319-395-0321; www.hunterspec.com)helps field dress game. The Combo comes with the field-tested Butt Out 2 game-dressing tool to remove the alimentary canal and a Gut Hook with a replaceable standard utility-knife blade set in a polymer handle with molded finger grips. The Combo is blaze orange for visibility when set on the ground and includes a nylon belt sheath for the Gut Hook.

MTM Molded Products Company (937-890-7461; www.mtmcase-gard.com)offers two new “Packed-N-Purple” cases for archers. The Ultra-Compact Arrow Case ($20) holds 12 arrows to 32.2 inches in length. The Crossbow Bolt Case ($20) holds a dozen bolts to 23 inches and is also offered in black and clear smoke.

Defeat a deer’s nose with the HR-200 ($450) from Ozonics Hunting (979-285-2400; www.ozonicshunting.com). Now in Mossy Oak Treestand or Lost Camo patterns, the HR-200 does not mask human odor but electronically changes ordinary oxygen molecules into ozone molecules, which are projected downwind with a quiet fan. Mount above your stand or blind to capture and transform scent molecules.

New from Plano Molding (800-558-1005; www.planomolding.com), the Bone Collector Archers Accessory Box ($9) is useful at the workbench or in the field. Featuring the Bone Collector logo, this accessory box measures 12.5×7.5×1.75 inches and is designed with 11 adjustable compartments.

The Mechanical Broadhead Case ($8) from Plano Molding is a specialized case for specialized heads. This case takes advantage of an expandable broadhead’s slim profile to provide side-by-side storage of six assembled heads in a foam-lined, hard plastic case. Measuring 6.6×4.13×1.22 inches, the broadhead case minimizes wear on the blades and fits easily inside most hard or soft bow cases.

Robinson Outdoors (800-397-1927; www.robinsonoutdoors.com)has two new 6-ounce spray formulations of insect repellent: Bug Blocker for Ticks ($9) and Bug Blocker for Mosquitoes ($10). The tick repellent with Permethrin can be applied to clothing and camping gear but not on the skin; one treatment lasts two weeks. The mosquito repellent with DEET also repels biting flies, gnats, spiders and ticks and works for eight hours.

Difficulty hanging your portable stand? The Tree Stand Buddy (877-987-2723; www.treestandbuddy.com)is a leave-in-the-tree mounting system that fits virtually every single- or double-post hang-on stand. You simply attach the receiver to a tree and the bracket to a stand. Multiple receivers allow rapid adaptation to changing wind conditions. The Tree Stand Buddy provides safe, easy operation on trees as small as 6 inches in diameter, and it’s been tested to 800+ pounds. The Starter Kit costs $129, and additional tree receivers are $99 per 2-pack.

The all-new Stick-It ($20) from Viking Solutions (256-686-3268; www.vikingsl.com)is an “after-the-shot” product that allows hunters to mount a flashlight almost anywhere when in need of perfectly positioned light. The swiveling base mounts with either a high-strength magnet (for mounting to a vehicle, for instance) or a screw-in section for use on trees.

Quick Set Feeders can be assembled and ready to hunt in 15 minutes. Built by Wildgame Innovations (800-847-8269; www.wildgameinnovations.com), the feeders are offered in two poly-barrel sizes: the 40-gallon Quick Set 270 ($110) holds 270 pounds of feed, and the 30-gallon Quick Set 225 ($100) holds 225 pounds. A built-in funnel reduces waste, while digital control manages feed distribution precisely at preset times. A galvanized steel spinner plate operates with one 6V battery.

From Zippo (888-442-1932; www.zippooutdoor.com)comes a Hard Warmer ($20) for all outdoor activities. Featuring all-metal construction, the Hand Warmer provides 12 hours of consistent, odorless heat and is refillable with Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid. A fleece warming bag is included.


Game Calls

Duel Game Calls (855-802-0865); www.duelgamecalls.com)has several new CNC-machined and warp-resistant hardwood pot calls: Tough Country, Precious Metal and Legacy ($100). Crystal call surfaces are suspended for sound integrity to generate extra volume, call diversity and 40-percent better resonance. The calls feature a 4-inch call diameter and are available in three colors: red, green and pink/camo. The striker and call cover are included.

The Mini Phantom Remote ($180) from Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls (800-891-3660; www.altusbrands.com)is a wireless, compact and easy-to-use remote game caller. Hunters have many sounds available, some simultaneous if desired: deer, predators, moose, bear, turkey, duck, elk, snow goose and crow. The Mini Phantom features a 150-yard wireless range and up to 120db volume. The hand-held transmitter has an LCD display with easily navigated buttons, and the receiver/speaker has a telescoping antenna for extended range and a decoy output port.

Why pack more than one deer call? The BCX Buck Commander Extreme ($20) from Flextone Game Calls (800-847-8269; www.flextonegamecalls.com)mimics every whitetail vocalization, from a very loud snort wheeze or nasally grunt to doe bleats and soft fawn bawls.

Flextone is also proud to introduce its Black Rack rattling antlers ($25) to take the “wait-and-hope” out of bowhunting. Get active and get loud. With a low-visibility black exterior and a full-rack design, Black Rack rattling antlers produce realistic sounds thanks to Bone-Core technology.

The Attractor Max ($119) from Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls, a division of Hunter Specialties (319-395-0321; www.hunterspec.com), includes 10 preloaded sounds. It has a wireless remote with 50-yard range, 10 sound keys, a USB port to download and change sounds, 128MB of internal memory, a large speaker for added volume and an external jack to add an extra speaker. The base unit weighs 2 pounds and is powered by four AA batteries (not included), while the remote operates on a 12V, A23 battery (included). The Attractor Max is rated for six to eight hours of operation.

The Stalker 360 ($600) electronic call system from Western Rivers, a division of GSM Outdoors (877-269-8490; www.gsmoutdoors.com/maestro), offers remote speaker rotation with motorized speaker movement. The speakers can be individualized for different calls, with dual-call capabilities to 250 yards. The weatherproof Stalker 360 has a top-mounted SD and USB output, 4GB of internal memory and a backlit LCD display. The caller operates on eight AA batteries, and the remote control is powered by one 9V battery.

The Scarlet Fever Pot Call from Knight & Hale (www.knightandhale.com)is made from select walnut and kiln dried to an eight-percent moisture to eliminate any and all wood change. Stage and field proven, the Scarlet Fever is CNC machined and set with a slate sound board to ensure rich, sexy tones.

From Primos (601-879-9323; www.primos.com)comes the Hook Up Box Call featuring a patented magnetic hinge design that positions the blades perfectly every time. This “perfect” blade positon makes the call a breeze to master and ensures true-to-life hen sounds.



Two new Camouflage Sideliner Hunter liner lock knives from Bear & Son Cutlery (256-435-2227; www.bearandsoncutlery.com)have 2 7⁄8-inch taper-ground blades with a quick-opening thumbhole. The #9112 ($70) has a clean modified clip-point and the #9112G ($85) incorporates a gut hook. The knives weigh 3.3 ounces with 440 high carbon stainless blades and slip-resistant, camouflage coated aluminum handles. Closed, the knives measure 43⁄8 inches; their open, locked length is 7 ¾ inches.

The 15060-2 Grizzly Creek Folder ($195) is a part of Benchmade’s (800-800-7427; www.benchmade.com)HUNT family of knives. This folder features a 3.5-inch CPM-S30V stainless-steel recurve blade with modified drop point, Axis locking mechanism, full stainless-steel liners, Dymondwood handle scales and a folding gut hook made from 440C steel. This knife weighs 4.76 ounces and comes with a reversible pocket clip.

Ontario Knife (716-676-5527; www.ontarioknife.com)introduces the Utilitac-1A ($75) in its tactical folding knife line. The 1A makes use of Ontario Knife’s exclusive Tactical Assisted Opening system designed by Joe Pardue. This gives the folder an incredibly fast one-hand opening capability. Overall length is 7.125 inches with a 3-inch AUS-8 steel blade. The 1A is available with either a satin or black blade with side lock and comes with upgraded black G10 handle scales and a multi-position pocket clip.


Optics, Cameras, Electronics

American Technologies Network (800-910-2862; www.atncorp.com)presents the Shot Trak High Definition Camera ($139) for guns or bows. Compact and rugged – just 5 ounces and 2.6×1.3×1.8 inches – it attaches with a standard Weaver mount. The Shot Trak features one-toggle switch operation, and it gets two hours of video on one CR 123A battery. Recoil-proof and water-resistant, the camera offers a 20-degree field of view. The Shot Trak is micro-SD compatible. A model with a built-in laser aiming device is available for $179.

The G-Force DX laser rangefinder from Bushnell (800-423-3537; www.bushnell.com)has an ultra-fast processor and enhanced display with four brightness levels. With 6-power magnification, it offers 0.5-yard accuracy and 0.1-yard display precision from 5-125 yards (from 125-1,300 yards, you can expect +/- 1-yard accuracy). The G-Force DX offers Angle Range Compensation for shot-angle information (-90 to + 90 degrees), giving you the true horizontal distance in bow mode or holdover in rifle mode. This water-resistant rangefinder features a rubber armored machined housing and includes a CR2 battery. The G-Force DX is offered in gray ($399 MAP) and Realtree Xtra ($419 MAP).

A stand-alone, quick-deploy, solar-powered unit, Cahaba River’s (888-812-2637; www.cahabarivercamera.com)Pro Camera System ($1,088, $50 per month 5 GB cellular plan) was designed for use in remote areas, and additional antennas are available for those who hunt far off the beaten path where getting a cellular signal is all but impossible. Cahaba uses an LTE connection for Internet service with a static IP address to deliver live, real-time HD 1040P audio and video from its remote location to a user’s computer or smartphone. The Pro Camera System features 24-hour photo/video capability, and the state-of-the-art IR illuminator, which is activated by a PIR sensor, promises crisp, clear images.

The Elements FireCel ($40) from Celestron (310-328-9560; www.celestron.com) provides convenient, portable power at an output voltage of 5V 500mA for cellphones and other USB-rechargeable devices. The FireCel includes a multi-mode white LED flashlight and two-temperature (110- and 130-degree) electronic hand warmer, which lasts two to three hours. The pocket-sized FireCel features red LEDs to indicate battery level and green LEDs for function setting. The unit is powered by a lithium polymer internal battery (2500mAh).

The PlotWatcher Pro trail camera ($279) from Day 6 Outdoors (706-256-2578; www.day6outdoors.com)offers long-range, low-impact scouting with time-lapse technology. The PlotWatcher Pro captures images of a large area, taking a picture every few seconds. Images can be viewed fast in time-lapse video, allowing you to review footage from a 12-hour day in about three minutes. A set of eight AA batteries lasts up to four months, recording up to 1 million images saved directly to video format.

The new M600 Fusion flashlight ($130) from ExtremeBeam by Alpha-TAC (877-579-7878; www.extremebeam.com)is a “tactical light.” With a 600-lumen high-output LED and a high-intensity reflector cone, it can project a wide-set beam to more than 300 yards. Run time ranges from six hours on high to 12 hours on medium to 24 hours on low, with a 10-hour run time in strobe mode. With a double-sealed machined-aluminum housing, the ultra-rugged M600 Fusion is waterproof to 30 feet. This flashlight weighs only 9 ounces and measures 6.4 inches long.

Full Flight Technology (617-448-7806; www.velocitip.com) announces that the UNO Archery app ($10) for smartphones is ready to help sight in from 20-80 yards in just minutes. To use the app, sight in at one distance and provide the app with simple measurements. The app displays accurate sight marks for sighting in any multi-pin sight on the phone screen. The app can also be used with linear single-pin sights to create customized sight tapes. Available for Android and iOS users, the UNO Archery app can be purchased at Google Play and the App Store.

The Halo X-Ray 900 Z9X laser rangefinder ($200) from Wildgame Innovations (225-438-4016; www.wildgameinnovations.com)features 6x magnification, a scan mode for multiple targets with a one-touch button and a 900-yard range to reflective objects. AI Technology accounts for slope to target, and the X-Ray is precise to +/- 1 yard. The water-resistant X-Ray features a stylized rangefinder body and a rugged, non-slip design. One CR2 lithium ion battery is included. The new Halo XRT ($120) has a 500-yard range with 6x magnification.

New from Carl Zeiss Sports Optics (800-441-3005; www.zeiss.com/us/sports-optics)is the TERRA 3x XB75 ($444) with patented ballistic reticle. This premium crossbow scope allows the user to determine aiming points from 20 to 75 yards in 2.5-yard increments based on the speed of the bow. The easy-to-set-up TERRA XB75 features all the quality you’d expect from Zeiss: MC anti-reflective coatings for bright, high-contrast images; a rugged but compact and lightweight design; and 2x to 7x magnification.

Moultrie (800-653-3334; www.moultriefeeders.com)introduces the all-new A-7i ($115), the lowest-priced invisible-flash camera in the Moultrie family. Black LEDs give imperceptible flash without alerting game, while the functional LED array offers better concealment and improvements in weather resistance and reliability. A reduced detection-delay time and three-image multi-shot capability make for optimal image capture. The A-7i operates on AA batteries with long-lasting life in the field.

New from Nikon (800-645-6687; www.nikonsportoptics.com)is the Arrow ID 5000 Laser Rangefinder ($280) just for archers. This rangefinder features one-button ID (incline/decline) Technology to accurately range horizontal distance from a treestand or in steep terrain, and it’s adjustable between “first target” (closest subject) and “distant target” (farthest target among a group of targets measured) priority modes. The Arrow ID 5000 displays in 0.1-yard increments. Waterproof and fogproof, the Arrow ID 5000 has multicoated 6x optics and pocket-sized portability.

The Compact Medium Tripod ($480) from Outdoorsmans (800-291-8065; www.outdoorsmans.com)is built with backcountry hunters in mind. The 34-ounce aluminum Tripod measures only 13.5 inches high but can extend to 36 inches. An optional pistol-grip head allows for fast adjustment of the head of the tripod.

From Stealth Cam (877-269-8490; www.gsmoutdoors.com), the 3x20mm Digital Night Vision Monocular ($200) helps in low-light hours when deer move most. With its 9x digital zoom, integrated IR filter and full-color day use, it is a 24-hour monocular with a 400+ foot low-light viewing distance. Powered by four AA batteries (not included), this monocular features ABS housing and a rubberized grip.

The STR 80 spotting scope from Swarovski Optik (800-426-3089; www.swarovskioptik.com)offers HD optics with either a removable illuminated MOA or MRAD reticle and 15 brightness levels (10 day and five night). Excellent for assessing range, the reticle becomes larger or smaller depending upon distance to target. Current Swarovski eyepieces – the 20-60x and the 25-50xW (wide) – can be used. Fully multi-coated, the STR 80 will also offer optional Picatinny rails and a winged eyecup. The STR 80 is powered by one CR123 battery.

The Tactacam (844-482-2822; www.tactacam.com)Stabilizer/Tactacam 2.0 ($250 black, $270 camo and tactical black) is designed for compound bows. It acts as both a stabilizer and a hunting camera. Settings include photo or video (720 or 1080 pixels) and one-touch recording. The Tactacam, which comes with a charger and 2.5 feet of USB cable, requires a micro SD card (sold separately). An optional 170-degree HD Selfie-Lens ($60) is available.

Wildgame Innovations (800-847-8269; www.wildgameinnovations.com)has three new Crush Series programmable 32GB SD/SCHC-card game cameras. The Micro Crush 10X ($160) delivers 10MP images and video with audio. Powered by eight AA batteries, this camera boasts 60 high-intensity infrared LEDs and a flash range to 75 feet. The $220 Crush 10X Lightsout ($220) (12 AA batteries) is a 10MP camera that runs on 12 AA batteries. The Crush Cell 8 ($430) wirelessly connects to a cellphone via text or picture messaging and email. This 8MP camera uses four D batteries and features infrared LEDs for HD images or videos.


Scents, Lures, feed, Odor Control

A-Way Hunting Products (888-289-2929; www.awayhunting.com)offers She-Duction Scent Web ($15) to attract bucks during the pre/post-rut season. She-Duction Scent Web is an aerosol-based scent, wick and delivery system all in one that works up to five days; no cotton balls or other wicking systems needed. This product is similar to silly string and sprays up to 10 feet. The foam string disappears over time, leaving behind the strong, attractive odor that drives bucks crazy. Scent Web gives you up to 50 applications per 5-ounce can.

Code Blue (844-282-0455; www.codebluescents.com)offers Platinum Standing Estrous (1.5-ounce bottle, $40). Field tested and proven to be 63-percent more effective, Platinum Standing Estrous boasts an incredibly high buck response rate. Made from limited-availability estrous, this lure is collected at the precise time in which a buck attempts to breed.

The next generation has arrived! New Evolve 3D+ from Dead Down Wind (816-421-4397; www.deaddownwind.com)features advanced enzyme technology to eliminate an unmatched broad spectrum of odors. ScentPrevent enzyme technology breaks down telltale odors without using antimicrobials. In honor of the company’s 10th anniversary, it is offering $5 mail-in cash rebates on select products as a way of thanking its customers.

New 7-Card Stud seed mix (20-pound bag, $40) from Evolved Harvest (225-638-4016; www.evolved.com)provides powerful attraction and nutrition through the seasons. Seven different plant types – forage oats, chicory, triticale, turnips, winter peas, crimson clover, Daikon radish – give your deer a wide variety of high-protein munchies. A 10-pound bag covers ¼ acre (11,000 square feet).

Black Magic from Evolved Habitats is a premium formulation of Evolved’s Deer Cane with more mineral and flavor attractants added and no mixing required. Black Magic (1 gallon, $10) is enriched with calcium, phosphorus and sodium to continually contribute to the health of a deer herd. It’s also available in a 4.5-pound bag (mixing required).

Extreme Hunting Solutions (800-347-0511; www.extremehuntingsolutions.com)produces buck attractant Kandy Korn with a sweet apple aroma (6-pound bag, $16). The mix includes oats, corn, roasted soybeans, chelated minerals, vitamins and patent-pending blue, green and red “Power Pellets.” Kandy Korn contains a minimum 18-percent protein level and is made with a non-clogging formula. One bag treats up to 300 pounds of whole or cracked corn.

The Scent-A-Way MAX odor-eliminating system ($25) from Hunter’s Specialties  (319-395-0321; www.hunterspec.com)gives hunters a distinct advantage over the whitetail deer’s incredible sense of smell. Products in the line include green soap, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, antiperspirant, toothpaste, lip balm, field wipes, shampoo, conditioner and scent-safe bags. Odorless and Fresh Earth Scent kits are available.

Bring in deer to have their picture taken. Place Camera Candy deer attractant ($20) from Moultrie (800-653-3334; www.moultriefeeders.com)in front of game cameras for startling results. Camera Candy comes in a 4-pound hard-cooked block, making it easy to reposition.

Moultrie offers the Dinner Plate Gravity game feeders. The Dinner Plate Feeder Kit ($40) dispenses corn or protein on demand with no batteries or timers. The included adapter converts most barrels and hoppers for the quick-locking kit. In addition to the kit, a 30-Gallon ($110) and 55-Gallon ($200) Dinner Plate Feeder are also available. The 30-Gallon Dinner Plate Feeder holds 220 pounds, has a UV-resistant all-weather hopper with three integrated camera mounts to monitor feeding activity and is less than 6 feet tall so it’s easy to fill from the ground. The 55-Gallon Dinner Plate Feeder has a 400-pound feed capacity.

Moultrie spreaders allow planting and fertilizing food plots from an ATV, UTV or truck. Three models are available: the 50-pound ATV Food Plot Spreader ($130) and the 100-pound ATV Spreader in both manual ($230) and electric ($300) gate versions. The ATV Food Plot Spreader has a 12v motor, universal mounting bracket, newly redesigned hoppers, a 60-percent larger deflection shield and a new gate-control lever that allows the user to easily regulate seed and fertilizer dispensed.

NoseBlocker (8 ounces, $15) from ScentBlocker (507-263-2885; www.scentblocker.com)makes deer feel drowsy and content, thanks to a unique root extract that has a calming effect on deer. Spray Drowsy Cherry Vanilla or Drowsy Apple around your treestand, blind or feeders.

Tink’s (800-624-5988; www.tinks.com) Power Scrape All-Season Scrape Kit is extensively tested, simple to use and feature packed. It’s a lure and dispenser system in one pack and includes the original Power Scrape Starter, new Power Scrape Finisher (enhanced with Tink’s 69 Doe-In-Rut estrous and buck secretions) and a Scrape Bomb Dripper. The lure won’t freeze, and it can be used on natural or mock scrapes.

Scrape Blaster (8 ounces, $10) from Wildgame Innovations (225-438-4016; www.wildgameinnovations.com)attracts bucks with a powerful scent signature and is UV enhanced to show bucks the exact location of a scrape. It is the first and only aerosol-powered foam to combine pre-orbital gland scents and deer urine scents with Glo-Coat technology to reflect UV light, which deer can see. Each can provides enough foam for several scrapes or false scrapes. The foam soaks into the ground and attracts bucks for days.

Wildgame Innovations’ Wild Estrous Bomb ($10) is formulated with 100-percent pure whitetail deer urine to excite roaming bucks. Effective and easy to use, this lure allows hunters to choose advantageous stand locations, provoking bucks to come running. The 5-ounce aerosol spray can includes a proprietary UV additive.


Stands & Blinds

The Buck Commander Deerstroyer blind ($350) by Ameristep (800-847-8269; www.ameristep.com)is a favorite when hunting from the ground. With a 75-inch shooting width and a height of 67 inches, the Deerstroyer, which is offered in Realtree Xtra, offers plenty of space and concealment for three hunters. The blind boasts a durable 600D outer shell, adjustable camo window curtains, ground skirt and zippered removable floor. The Buck Commander Deerstroyer weighs 22 pounds and packs down to 9×47 inches.

Designed for ground blind hunters who want an inexpensive, lightweight chair, the TriPod 360 ($159) from ArborConn (616-262-2069; www.treeops360.com) comes with legs that adjust from 16-24 inches – perfect for a pop-up blind. The comfortable, quiet swivel seat rotates 360 degrees and is complete with a pedestal seat mount and spring. The high chair back supports your lower back while you’re sitting. The 5-pound chair folds to fit into most backpacks, and it features an aluminum tripod with a composite seat.

Those who prefer to pursue big game on the ground, whether in sit-and-wait or run-and-gun fashion, will no doubt cheer GhostBlind’s (740-374-6766; www.ghostblind.com)Predator. How does it work? What makes it so effective? Mirrors! Yes, a total of four reflective mirror panels allow you to blend into any terrain. Like having thousands of camo patterns rolled into one, the 102-inch wide by 46-inch high Predator provides maximum concealment and was designed for both bow and crossbow use.

Hunter Safety System (877-296-3528; www.huntersafetysystem.com)used Flex technology in the upper portion of the harness for the HSS Hybrid Flex ($130), available in Realtree Xtra. This delivers comfort and freedom of movement in the upper body while also incorporating a lower, multi-pocketed vest. The Hybrid Flex features 1.25-inch upper-body webbing, tether and waist buckle; removable binocular straps and an interior mesh pocket for a smartphone. There are no dangling straps or weave-through buckles. The 2.5-pound Hybrid Flex, which meets or exceeds all TMA standards, comes with a lineman’s climbing strap, an adjustable treestrap and a suspension-relief/deer-drag strap.

From Hunting Solutions, Millennium Treestands (601-932-5832; www.millenniumstands.com)presents the G100 and G200 Hunting Chairs, each with 400-pound capacity. The comfortable, 7.5-pound, aluminum-frame G100 folding chair ($200) is designed for ground blinds, with adjustable legs for uneven ground. The G100 rotates quietly on a 360-degree swivel. The seat measures 20×17 inches and is height adjustable from 13-18 inches. With its own 360-degree swivel, the 14.5-pound G200 ($150) is built for tower hunting. The G200 features a steel base and an aluminum seat measuring 20×17 inches with height adjustable from 17-24 inches.

“Super-strong and stable yet very lightweight aluminum construction” is how Millennium describes the M100u Hang-On ($220). The M100u weighs 11.5 pounds, has a 20×38-inch platform and is rated to 300 pounds. The folding seat is 20 inches wide and 17 inches above the platform. The stand folds flat for backpacking and includes a TMA-certified full-body harness. A footrest, gun rest and bow holder are optional.

Ol’Man Outdoors (601-932-5832; www.olmanoutdoors.com)offers three climbing stands, all with a 300-pound weight rating, safety CD, set-up instructions and full-body, five-point safety harness. Each stand has a 21-inch seat and 18×32-inch standing platform. The 25-pound Drone ($400) comes with built-in accessory holders, shooting rail and footrest, and it folds to 4 inches for storage and packing. The cable extends or retracts up to 5 inches for adjustability. The 29-pound Multi-Vision ($180) comes with a reversible gun rest/footrest for gun and bowhunters. The 21-pound AlumaLite CTS ($280) uses strong oval aluminum tubing and an improved cable system for fast set-up. All have a three-year warranty.

Redneck Outdoor Products (877-523-9986; www.redneckblinds.com) introduces an all-purpose, all-game ground blind. The Hunters Choice Bale Blind ($750) accommodates two adults and gear and features a special drop-down waterfowl door as well as standard shooting windows. This strong, lightweight blind can be left outside all season. Measuring 64x72x70 inches, this aluminum-frame blind weighs 85 pounds. Set-up takes approximately 1.25 hours.

The Peak ($130) is the latest addition to the Summit (800-353-0634; www.summitstands.com)Crush Series of hang-on and ladder stands — and this one is all about extra comfort. The 18×22-inch platform features an incorporated footrest, but the real stand-out luxury comes in the form of the classic, adjustable padded swing seat that’s also used on Summit’s Viper SD climbing stand. It’s coupled with the unique Peak frame that provides padded armrests. It’s not often you find armrests on hang-on stands, but the extra comfort they provide during all-day sits can be substantial, though the trade-off is that sitting bow shots must be taken with more care and forethought to avoid bow contact.

Ameristep’s (800-847-8269; www.ameristep.com)29.5-pound Sky Walker features a 21×15-inch seat with lumbar support back rest, while the much lighter Cliff Hanger features a 15×12-inch flat seat with a comfy pad decked out in Realtree Xtra and weighs just 13.5 pounds. All Hyde series stands feature a 21.5×33-inch cast aluminum platform with nonreflective finish, which of course has no welds, seams, rivets or tubes — greatly decreasing any potential noise, yet helping it remain lightweight and stout.

Muddy’s (877-366-8339; www.gomuddy.com)harness line has expanded for 2015 to include the Top Flight safety harness ($60). The Top Flight comes equipped with the 30-inch braided nylon Safe-Line safety system designed to keep you attached to the tree at all times. Feature packed with built-in binocular straps, a one-hand carabiner, extra padding and eight pockets for storage, the Top Flight keeps you safe, organized and comfortable. 



The CompCube hybrid field point target for bowhunters ($80) from American Whitetail (888-233-1976; www.archerytargets.com)features a whitetail, turkey, deer vital area and set of spots, all in high-definition. Featuring a foam shell with inner ballistic core and a molded-in handle, the CompCube stops any arrow to 430 fps.

The Stand-By ($60) from Apple Archery (800-745-8190; www.applearchery.com)is a safe, secure place to set your bow while you retrieve practice arrows from targets. Fill the base with sand to prevent it from tipping over. Three vertical adjustments allow the Stand-By to fit any vertical bow, and the built-in tube holds extra arrows. The Stand-By also sports small detents in the base for parts or a beverage.

Eze-Scorer Animal Targets (2 per pack, $5) from Birchwood Casey (800-746-6862; www.birchwoodcasey.com)offer a cost-effective way to get realistic practice while sighting in a bow or a gun. Available in high-quality photo versions of elk and mule deer, the non-adhesive heavyweight paper targets measure 23×35 inches. Each has the vitals outlined so shooters can easily see if their shots are effective.

The mule deer Booner Buck ($350) from Rinehart Targets (608-757-8153; www.rinehart3d.com)is built to simulate the size of a 10-point, 200-pound live buck. The Booner Buck is made from long-lasting Woodland Foam with a self-healing insert that accepts broadheads and field points from any bow. It measures 58x45x12 inches and features scoring rings and easy arrow removal.


Miscellaneous Gear & Food

Canyon Coolers’ (928-774-3486; www.canyoncoolers.com)new Outfitter 35 ($210) weighs 22 pounds and holds 2-liter bottles upright. This cooler holds 35 quarts and up to 36 cans of your favorite beverages. The premium polyethylene shell is filled with high-density foam. An aluminum hinge pin runs the length of the lid, and walls are “beastly thick” (3-inch lids, 2-inch floors). A Silicon seal keeps chilled air from escaping. Other thoughtful details include thick rope handles, recessed closing latches, tie-down areas, gun-sling-style shoulder strap and non-skid rubberized feet.

Hi Mountain Seasonings (800-829-2285; www.himtnjerky.com)has two new do-it-yourself sausage kits, Spicy Beer Bratwurst (garlic, mustard, salt and four peppers) and Garlic Pepper Bratwurst (a blend of garlic, pepper, spices and seasoning). Kits include seasonings, cure, casings and instructions. One kit ($21) will season 24 pounds of meat.

Stay sharp on stand. Pursuit Energy,a Mossy Oak branded sports drink (888-606-3353; www.mossyoakpursuitenergy.com), now includes Orange (100 calories) and Citrus Berry All Zero (0 calories) along with the Original 100-calorie flavor. Pursuit Energy contains 1,000 mg of taurine and 80 mg of caffeine, and the cans are accented in Mossy Oak camo patterns.

Manufacturing state-of-the-art coolers since 2008, YETI (512-394-9384; www.yeticoolers.com)adds to its impressive line of high-quality ice chests with the introduction of its portable Hopper. Constructed of 840 denier DRYHide fabric – similar to the material used to make whitewater rafts – the 6.5-gallon Hopper sports YETI’s HydroLok Zipper to provide the user waterproof, airtight protection technology borrowed from survival suits and HazMat protective gear. ColdCell Insulation promises a deep and lasting chill via the 1-inch insulation in the sides and 1.5 inches on the Hopper’s bottom.

X-Factor Outdoors’ (770-874-0390; www.xfactoroutdoors.com)Split Limb Crossbow System ($42/black) has been tested and proven to reduce noise levels by as much as 38 decibels and reduce vibration by as much as 30 percent. The system comes in Black, Mossy Oak Treestand, Mossy Oak Infinity, Lost OT and Realtree APG.