A two-man calling skit is one of the most effective techniques when it comes to pulling the dupe on a trophy bull, but year after year the same stories come rolling in: We called in a giant, but I couldn’t get a shot. He came in on a string, but a tree was blocking me. Those yet to chase the majestic wapiti may think it’s impossible to have a 600-pound animal at less than 20 yards and not let an arrow fly, but make one of these four shooter setup mistakes and watch the bull of your dreams walk away unscathed.

From our April issue

Mistake: Setting up behind a tree or bush.

Remedy: Set up in front of cover. Trust your camo. You just need something behind you to break up your outline.

Mistake: Only having shooting lanes for a bull circling to wind the caller.

Remedy: Many times a lovesick bull will come straight to the caller. Be sure your setup allows you to shoot a coming-straight-to-the-caller bull as well as those that will circle.

Mistake: Being afraid to move.

Remedy: If you need to move, it’s because you’re not going to get a shot at the approaching bull. Why be afraid to risk a move? Sure you may get busted, but you may just as easily double-lung the bull of your dreams.

Mistake: Get busted drawing.

Remedy: Too many times the hunter waits too long to draw on an approaching bull. Pick multiple “perfect draw” setups before the caller even starts his music. When the bull hits one of those spots, draw your bow. Don’t wait!