Xpedition Archery 2015Xpedition’s impressive Xcentric was introduced last year, so it’s not, strictly speaking, “brand new.” Xpediton just tweaked the XS hybrid cam to produce a true 80-percent letoff at all draw lengths while boosting speed and redesigned the torque-reducing, no-movable-parts ATR cable guard to further reduce friction for a smoother draw cycle. OK, so maybe the 2015 Xcentric is new and, from the looks of things, better than ever. The sleek and curvaceous riser is offset by aggressive past-parallel split limbs and oversized cams. I’m a fan of the grip, too, which is more comfortable than most sideplate-style grips. At 354 fps it gets arrows from here to there in a hurry but is surprisingly quiet for its speed. Mass weight is a moderate 3.9 pounds. Axle to axle the Xcentric is 32.25 inches with a 6-inch brace height. Peak draw weights are 40, 50, 60, 65 and 70 pounds, while draw lengths are module specific in half-inch increments starting at 27 inches and running to 30 inches. Finish options for the riser are Black, Realtree Xtra and Muddy Girl. Finishes for the limbs are the same, but you can add Carbon Fiber to the limb color list. Retail price for the 2015 Xpedition Xcentric is $949.

The 2015 Perfexion is right at home both in the field and on the competition circuit. Measuring 36 inches from axle to axle and with a very forgiving 7.125-inch brace height, the Perfexion is incredibly accurate and smooth. But this bow doesn’t compromise on speed, boasting a speed rating of 337 fps thanks to the patent-pending XS and PX2 Cams. The Perfexion is available in draw lengths from 27.5 to 29.5 inches with the PX2 Cams and from 30 to 32.5 inches with the XS Cams and with draw weights of 50, 60 and 70 pounds. The 4.15-pound Perfexion features 80-percent letoff and the ATR cable guard. Standard riser finishes include Realtree Xtra, Black, Cardinal, Glacier and Envy, and limb finishes include Realtree Xtra, Black and Carbon. The Perfexion retails for $1,049.

For more information, visit www.xpeditionarchery.com or call (605) 260-0159.