Just when you think people can't get any more ridiculous, along comes a woman who not only can't fight off an "attack" by a pet duck, but also is not even ashamed of telling the whole world that she got beat up by a freaking duck. On top of that, she is shameless enough to sue the owner of the vicious attack duck for $275,000 for "pain and suffering."

Yes, ladies and gentleman, this is the world we live in. Next thing you know we'll have roaming bands of wild waterfowl terrorizing neighborhoods.

From the Oregonlive.com story:

A Washougal woman is suing the Estacada owner of a domestic duck, claiming she suffered a broken wrist after the duck attacked her while she was stepping out of her motor home.

Cynthia Ruddell's lawsuit states that she was on her mother's property when she fell as she was trying to escape the duck on May 7, 2012. The duck was owned by her mother's neighbor, Lolita Rose. Ruddell broke her right wrist, sprained or strained her elbow and shoulder, and suffered a rotator cuff injury.

"The duck flapped its wings at her and knocked her back and she fell down on an outstretched hand and fractured her wrist in two spots," Ruddell's lawyer states.

To be fair, the duck, which goes by the name Squirt, has a history of chasing people. "We had neighbors that indicated this duck was a crazy duck that attacked kids at the school bus stop and other people before," the lawyer said. Squirt's former owner, however, says she never had much trouble with the feisty fowl.

"He wasn't angry, he just liked to bite the legs and try to hump people," said the former owner, who declined to give her name.

The lawsuit accuses the duck's owner of "failing to warn others…contain her duck…needlessly endangering the public."

You can watch the local news report on the incident below. Squirt the vicious attack duck is the white one; no word on whether his friend, BooBoo, was involved in the attack. Don't miss the not-at-all-suspicious line at the end of the video that tells us Squirt is "no longer alive."