Editor’s note: This interview took place in 2010, before Duck Dynasty debuted, and it’s been so popular that we decided to update it with some never-before-printed quotes and tips from Phil.

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What’s in the Duck Commander’s blind bag?

These are the often overlooked items that Phil Robertson has on him at all times when duck hunting:

•A can or two of sardines



•Screwdriver, pliers and spark-plug wrench

•Choke-tube wrench

•1-pound ball of black, tarred nylon line

•Folding saw

•Green-label BC powder

Duck calling contests, cell phones, computers, and suits

As only the Duck Commander could put it…

I’ve never owned a watch, or cell phone, and never turned on a computer or looked at one — ever, and I never owned a suit. Louisiana Tech gave us a suit, but I don’t know what happened to the thing.

Selling calls and winning contest…

They told me 35 years ago that, unless I won the world duck calling championship, I couldn’t sell any duck calls in America. They said you had to go long highball. I asked them — could a duck win it? They told me a duck couldn’t even place.