Name: Korey Young

Date: November 13, 2017

Location: Ellensburg, Washington

Weather: Cloudy, mild-cold, periods of heavy rain. Average 10 mph wind from SE.

Snow Cover: No snow in the valley, snow is up in mountain ranges.

Water Conditions: Water depth remains normal, no ice accumulation, temperature still remains cold but not to freezing level.

Feeding Conditions: Geese feeding in alfalfa fields and cornfields.

Species and Numbers: There were 4,000 to 6,000 greater Canada geese in the valley. A huge push of lessers (3,000) just moved in and had a couple dozen specks mixed in with them. Duck numbers remain insane! There are several thousand mallards working the valley. Pintails have now pushed in and can be seen with the mallard flocks. Pintail numbers are around 100 as seen from last hunt.

Migrations: New lesser Canada geese have moved in and brought some specks with them.

Season Stage: Fall.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been awesome. Been taking the extra time to scout and let the numbers build before hunting a particular cornfield. There was 21 mallard drakes shot. Thousands of mallard ducks were swarming the decoys with pintails tagging along literally landing on jerk cord. Duck flocks were decoying with an average of 20 to 30 at a time!

Gossip: Good numbers, good hunting, can’t complain. Looking forward to taking some more veterans out to join in on the fun!


Name: Geff Duncan

Date: November 13, 2017

Location: Chehalis, Washington

Weather: Temperatures were mild high in the 60s, lows in the 40s.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Water levels on creeks and rivers are still rising due to heavy rain.

Feeding Conditions: Birds are still feeding on grains from the harvested crops, and now in the flooded fields.

Species and Numbers: High numbers of cacklers still, with more ducks showing up day by day.

Migrations: Birds are still coming down from Canada in high numbers!

Season Stage: Early to mid-season.

Hunting Report: Decent number of cacklers and ducks being harvested.

Gossip: Preparing for flooding and some storms hitting western Washington, in which hunting should start to pick up for ducks!


Name: Jared Shepard

Date: November 12, 2017

Location: Wenatchee, Washington

Weather: This past week showed high temps in the 40s with overnight lows in the mid- to lower 30s. The same is expected this coming week with mostly overcast skies and the possibility of a rain/snow mix a few days.

Snow Cover: No snow at this time.

Water Conditions: Normal amount of water in the Columbia River. No ice forming.

Feeding Conditions: Local birds are still consuming park and golf course grass, mostly under the lights at night on the riverfront in Wenatchee. Some geese are flying out to empty grass lots outside city limits as well.

Species and Numbers: Local Canada geese and mallards with a few divers and some wigeon.

Migrations: No recent migrations.

Season Stage: Just over a month into duck and goose season. Remember to check your location in the rulebook, as Goose Management Areas 2 and 4 are only open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday’s for geese with a few exceptions around the holidays.

Hunting Report: Local goose hunters are starting to have some success.

Gossip: Waterfowl hunter numbers should be increasing soon due to modern firearms seasons for deer and elk wrapping up.


Name: Allen Riggs

Date: November 13, 2017

Location: Elk, Washington

Weather: High temperatures are in the upper thirties with low temperatures in the low 20s. The rain is going to return, snow is also in the forecast.

Snow Cover: Rain and warmer temperatures have melted much of the snow away, only 2 to 3 inches remain. Snow is in the forecast however.

Water Conditions: Water levels in the river are low, ice that once formed on edges have melted off with the warmer temperatures and rain.

Feeding Conditions: Birds are feeding in the bodies of water and have returned to fields where snow has melted off.

Species and Numbers: Mallard and wigeon numbers are good right now, Canada geese numbers increasing as well.

Migrations: Both puddle ducks and Canada geese are migrating into the area.

Season Stage: Week 6 of the season.

Hunting Report: Hunters are reporting good success with both puddle ducks and Canada geese.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Kent Contreras

Date: November 13, 2017

Location: Newport, Washington

Weather: Highs are in the mid-30s, lows in the upper 20s. Fall-like weather has returned with cooling temperatures. Forecast shows a slight warming trend with rain/snow showers moving in.

Snow Cover: Snow came with a vengeance last week dropping 7 inches on the valley floor. Most of it has since melted off due to warming temps and rain.

Water Conditions: Good, ponds and sloughs have thawed out and opened back up.

Feeding Conditions: Good, birds are enjoying lots of sources for food on the river; fields are thawing out and the snow cover is almost all gone for now providing more feeding choices for the birds.

Species and Numbers: Good numbers of puddle ducks; mallard, wigeon and gadwall seem to be the majority now with pintail, teal and some diving ducks next. Canada geese are at average numbers for this time of year.

Migrations: Had a good push of birds into the area, mostly ducks with a slight increase of Canada geese.

Season Stage: Approaching the sixth weekend of the season.

Hunting Report: Not bad hunting so far for ducks, goose numbers are a little bit behind what we are used too.

Gossip: Hunters seem to be doing well.


Name: Travis Madden

Date: November 13, 2017

Location: Lehi, Utah

Weather: Weather has cooled off in the mornings but continued to be mild in the afternoons. Pattern should hold steady over the next few days with a storm moving in shortly.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Water conditions are still open at this time.

Feeding Conditions: Feed is still good. Plenty in the fields and loaf areas.

Species and Numbers: Mallards, gadwalls, teal, pintails and wigeons are in good numbers. Along with cans, redheads, scaup as well.

Migrations: Swans showed up in HUGE numbers last week and should hold steady.

Season Stage: About a month into the season.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been hit and miss. The birds are getting wise and you need to put in some scouting time to be successful.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Chad Yamane

Date: November 13, 2017

Location: Layton, Utah

Weather: Weather has been very mild, with above average temps for November. We are expecting a little cold front this weekend.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Water conditions are the best they’ve been in years.

Feeding Conditions: Lots of pond growth for the birds. Lots of bulrush for the puddle ducks to feed in.

Species and Numbers: Local honkers are doing well. Mallards, pintails, wigeon numbers look good. The divers are here, tonight a saw big flocks of cans, redheads, blue-bills. Tons of green-winged teal, gadwalls.

Migrations: The divers have migrated in. We have seen a big push of newly migrated birds over the last week. The swan migration has peaked with a count of 60k birds. That’s a record number for Utah

Season Stage: This is Week 5 of the general season.

Hunting Report: Hunting can be great or slow depending on how much time you put in scouting and working for the birds. Get out and find those areas not seeing pressure and you’ll greatly improve your odds.

Gossip: Swan tag holders get out there. It’s as good as it gets!


Name: Tailor Sponcey

Date: November 13, 2017

Location: Twin Falls, Idaho

Weather: Highs are in the 50s with some rain forecasted towards the end of this week.

Snow Cover: Zero.

Water Conditions: Most slack water ponds and creeks are empty with just the river and year around creeks running still.

Feeding Conditions: Mallards are feeding heavily in threshed corn fields.

Species and Numbers: Mallard numbers are high as well as Canada geese. Starting to see some increasing numbers in divers.

Migrations: Mallards and Canada goose migration is in full swing and were seeing large numbers move into the valley.

Season Stage: A third through the season.

Hunting Report: Hunting all around is starting to pick up.

Gossip: Zero.


Name: Eddie Upton

Date: November 12, 2017

Location: Biggs, California

Weather: Highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Conditions are about average. More rice fields are beginning to flood.

Feeding Conditions: Birds are feeding in flooded rice fields and flooded marshes.

Species and Numbers: Lots of specks and snows in the area, ducks seem to be hit and miss in a lot of areas.

Migrations: Lots of specks and snows have moved into the area.

Season Stage: Week 5 of the season.

Hunting Report: Slow, a couple birds here and there.

Gossip: Ducks have been really slow. Shooting just a couple birds here and there which is normal for this area this time of year. Waiting for colder weather up north to push birds down.


Name: Gene Carter

Date: November 12, 2017

Location: Yuba City, California

Weather: Lows in the 50s and highs around 70 degrees, a little rain this past week.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Water conditions for this upcoming season should be favorable for both the waterfowl and hunters.

Feeding Conditions: The upper Sacramento Valley has plenty of rice fields for the waterfowl to eat and rest.

Species and Numbers. Duck harvest picked up this past week even with the mild temps we are having. We have been seeing new birds arrive all week and all the guys I have talked with say the hunting has improved from previous weeks. I have seen a bunch of snow geese already, and I have been reporting that CA has had a great fall flight of specks. We got a few birds this AM and a couple specks.

Migrations: New birds arrived this past week, probably due to the cold front that moved through the upper part of the U.S. Again, there are a lot of specks this year, more than I have seen this early in quite a few years. New specks migrating in all week … again a lot of specks in Cali right now.

Season Stage:  Mid-fall.

Hunting Report: Mixed, some areas have been good and some pretty slow.

Gossip: Reports for California predicted an average waterfowl year, I think they were wrong!


Name: David Harper

Date: November 14, 2017

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Weather: Temperatures are cooling off. Lows in the 40s this weekend in valley.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: All bodies of water remain open, refuges remain full.

Feeding Conditions: Corn is being harvested, cool off hasn’t affected aquatic foods yet.

Species and Numbers: Still strong numbers of teal and gadwall. Divers remain strong on Mead.

Migrations: Small increase of birds this week.

Season Stage: Two weeks into the second split.

Hunting Report: Hunting is getting better and better!


Name: Travis Lyle

Date: November 13, 2017

Location: Fernley, Nevada

Weather: Seasonable temps right now, with some weather moving in the middle of the week. Going to bring some rain to the valley and snow in the upper elevations.

Snow Cover: The upper elevations got some snow but nothing down low.

Water Conditions: Lots more water out there. Most areas are full or close to it. Rivers are still running. Areas that haven’t had water in years are full now.

Feeding Conditions: Should have plenty of food in hunting areas with lots of corn. Some areas have sego and bulrush available.

Species and Numbers: Still have spoons, teal and more wigeons have shown up.  Gadwalls showed up in good numbers as well.  More snow geese now and a few swans moved in. Mallards are showing up, but not in big numbers yet.

Migrations: Have seen lots of wigeons, gadwalls and teal this weekend with some swans moving in as well. There are very few mallards in the area. Snow geese are showing up in some areas.

Season Stage: It’s on now, fellas. Running till January.

Hunting Report: Been slow for few fellas out there. Still got the pass shooters blasting them higher and higher.

Gossip: Fellas, hope the DD wannabes are done for the season.


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