Name: Michael Clement

Date: 10/05/18

Location: Devils Lake, ND

Weather: Highs in the 40’s. Lows in 20’s.

Water Conditions: Very muddy with the recent rain and snow.

Species and Numbers: Birds have been moving into the area with the colder than normal temperatures. Cold temperatures across Saskatchewan should get birds moving into Devils Lake area earlier than normal. Fields will remain very muddy with recent rainfall and the snow. Plenty of opportunities for great hunts in sloughs and fields. Some smaller sloughs will be frozen over with these temperatures soon.

Season Stage: Early but colder temperatures have birds moving early. Good luck!

Name: Carter Klatt

Date: 10/7/2018

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Weather: Mostly cloudy this weekend with some small sprinkles scattered throughout the day on Sunday. Temperatures predicted in the 40’s-50’s for the rest of the week with occasional rain early on.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Some flooded fields still around and most of the water levels throughout the lower 2/3 of the state are up. The fields are still pretty muddy especially along I90 towards Mitchell and south.

Feeding Conditions: Large amounts of water in the fields and wet crops have stalled out harvest across the state. Birds are concentrated in what little fields are out.

Species and Numbers: Saw an increase of ducks including teal, woodies, mallards, and pintail as well as honkers throughout the weekend.

Migrations: Small scattered groups of migrator ducks and geese throughout the area.

Season Stage: Early season

Hunting Report: Had success Saturday on a flooded field duck hunt and Sunday on a loaf pond for geese. Not much is available for feed fields and the birds are scattered but there are decent pockets of birds. Put in the time behind the wheel and you will find them.

Gossip: Talked with a local GFP and was told the further north and west you go the better luck you will have. Canada and northern ND have snow and are seeing good pushes of birds.

Name: Kirk Steffensen

Date: 7-October-2018

Location: Lincoln, NE

Weather: Unseasonably cool weather with daytime highs in the lower-50os and overnight lows in the 40os. Lots of rain forecasted over the next several days.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Above average – area lakes and reservoirs are still well above average with the late-summer rains and area rivers are at or near flood stage.

Feeding Conditions: Good amounts of aquatic vegetation available, as the summer was mostly dry. Corn harvest was getting started but the rain stopped harvest.

Species and Numbers: Great numbers of teal around with a few big ducks spotted.

Migrations: Several groups of high-flying ducks have been moving into and over the area. Also, seeing several groups of specks.

Season Stage: Duck season opened this weekend in zones 2 and 4 but dark goose season does not start until late-October.

Hunting Report: Great opening weekend teal shoot.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.

Name: Riley Couch

Date: 10/8/17

Location: Kearney, NE

Weather: Rain

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Poor

Feeding Conditions: Ducks are mostly using the marshes that do have water and big lakes as well.

Species and Numbers: Blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, wigeon, mallards.

Migrations: Just starting for big ducks, BWT have mostly moved through, good numbers of GWT remain.

Season Stage: Early

Hunting Report: If you can find water, hunting has been fair. Any public water is being hunted almost every day and it’s very crowded on the weekends. With the expected snow north, it should be a good week to be out hunting. No geese have arrived to speak of yet.

Gossip: Remember to be respectful hunters and not to set up on top of each other. With limited water and crowding on that water it can lead to dangerous situations, and frustrated groups. Don’t be that person that sets up on another group 50 yards away, it makes for a dangerous and unsafe time.

Name: Jay Hayter

Date: 10/8/18

Location: Longview, TX

Weather: 70-90s, hot

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Turning pumps on this week, and rain in forecast.

Feeding Conditions: Good

Species and Numbers: A few woodies.

Migrations: None observed but cool front coming this week.

Season Stage: 1 month to opener.

Hunting Report: N/A

Name: Michael Clement

Date: Jan. 16, 2018

Location: Devils Lake, North Dakota

Weather: Highs in the single digits below zero. Lows in the teens below zero.

Water Conditions: Sloughs frozen over with good amount of ice on the lake. Ice conditions have improved with the long arctic blast of well below zero weather. A warm up is coming for the weekend which will make for great weather to get out and ice fish. Good luck!

Species and Numbers: No birds left.

Season Stage: Closed.

Name: Adam Frick

Date: Jan. 16, 2018

Location: Yankton, South Dakota

Weather: Bitter cold temperatures will give way to mild conditions over the next few days.

Snow Cover: Snow cover is probably 50 percent.

Water Conditions: Deeper moving bodies of water are the only thing open.

Feeding Conditions: What waterfowl is left has been feeding picked corn fields.

Species and Numbers: Most species have moved south, except select groups of Canada geese.

Migrations: No migrations seen.

Season Stage: Late. Duck season is over, goose season open until February in select areas.

Hunting Report: Hunters targeting Canada geese have done decent, just hard to pattern.

Gossip: Duck season will now start later in 2018 for the area, and go all the way until January 2019.

Name: Kirk Steffensen

Date: Jan. 17, 2018

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Weather: Below average temperatures with recent highs in the single digits or below and overnight lows below zero.

Snow Cover: Minimal snow cover.

Water Conditions: Frozen with about 10 to 12 inches of good ice.

Feeding Conditions: Good, all field are open and lots of available feed.

Species and Numbers: Good numbers of Canada geese remain in the area.

Migrations: Nothing really occurring.

Season Stage: Goose season remains open until early February.

Hunting Report: Good, find the feed and you will shoot geese.

Gossip: Cold!