Name: Mike Hungle

Date: November 15, 2017

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Weather: Winter like weather continued to hit the prairies. Temps have remained cold and there have been some days with snow. A warming trend is expected towards the weekend and early next week with daytime highs nearing the freezing mark.

Snow Cover: Most of central and southern Saskatchewan received snow and ground cover is anywhere from 4 to 8 inches.

Water Conditions: Poor. Small potholes and sloughs have frozen over. Most big water lakes are frozen or freezing over.

Feeding Conditions: Snow covered.

Species and Numbers: The birds are basically gone.

Migrations: Most of the big Canadas headed south over the past week and very few birds remain.

Season Stage: Eleventh week. Season opened September 1.

Hunting Report: I traveled from Regina to U.S. border a few days ago and saw a total of four Canada geese and they appeared to be headed south.

Gossip: The season is all but done.


Name: Angelo Casbarro

Date: Monday November 13, 2017

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Weather: Temperatures have been ranging from -10 to 6 degrees Celsius over the last week.

Snow Cover: Areas north of the city have received several centimeters of snow.

Water Conditions: Smaller bodies of water are starting to ice over.

Feeding Conditions: All crops, aside from corn, have been harvested.

Species and Numbers: While there has been a small dip in duck numbers, geese are still abundant in the area.

Migrations: The migration is in full swing.

Season Stage: Both duck and goose seasons are open.

Hunting Report: Large numbers of resident birds are offering hunters great opportunities as the weather continues to cool.

Gossip: A shovel should be an integral part of any hunter’s gear list, particularly at this stage in the season. Focus on digging your blinds in and moving snow/dirt to best conceal your hide.


Name: Chris Stoddart

Date: November 14, 2017

Location: Lanark, Ontario

Weather: Overcast, cooler.

Snow Cover: Nil.

Water Conditions: Open – back bays and ponds starting to freeze up.

Feeding Conditions: Geese feeding in primarily in winter wheat this week.

Species and Numbers: Very good numbers of Canada geese; appears to be better numbers of mallards and ring-necks.

Migrations: No noticeable migrations, but wood duck numbers seem to be dwindling.

Season Stage: Mid-season.

Hunting Report: Duck hunting moderate, Canada goose hunting excellent!

Gossip: Finally getting into cut corn fields, but geese were into the winter wheat. Go figure!


Name: Brody Edmondson

Date: November 14, 2017

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Weather: (-15) to (-5) C.

Snow Cover: 3 inches at least over the province.

Water Conditions: River in some areas are only open roosts.

Feeding Conditions: Snow covered corn is being hit hard.

Species and Numbers: Very few geese left.

Migrations: Minimal geese left, with most in the Dakotas now. Very fast late season push right though down to the States.

Season Stage: Late.

Hunting Report: Very few Canadas still remain.

Gossip: South Dakota is on fire!


Featured image: iStock