Name: Robert Vellucci

Date: 10/9/2018

Location: Clinton, NJ

Weather: Warm and rainy.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: High

Feeding Conditions: Good

Species and Numbers: There are new geese around. Wood ducks and black ducks are scattered.

Migrations: Migrating geese started showing up this week.

Season Stage: North zone ducks start this week.

Hunting Report: There are scattered wood ducks around. The SE zone opener in NY was really good last Saturday.

Gossip: A weather change to more fall type weather would be nice.

Name: Dave Weidner

Date: 10/8/18

Location: Hamilton Square, New Jersey

Weather: Cloudy and warm.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: High

Feeding Conditions: Improving

Species and Numbers: Canada geese increasing, some resident ducks.

Migrations: First migrators of the season have started to arrive, even with the above normal temperatures – they are a week late.  Water levels are high and have many of our local ducks scattered in hard to reach areas.  Good wood duck and teal numbers.

Season Stage: Early

Hunting Report: North zone ducks opens this weekend.

Gossip: Warm weather should yield to more fall like temperatures this weekend.

Name: Sean M. Fritzges

Date: 8 October 2018    

Location: Abingdon, Maryland

Weather: Off and on rain and humid temps.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Ponds, lakes and reservoirs at max levels due to recent storm events.

Feeding Conditions: Corn fields, hay fields in early harvest. No soybeans cut as of yet.

Species and Numbers: Plenty of resident Canada geese in the area although no signs of migrators staying in our area to date.

Migrations: Noticed the first sighting of migrators flying over our area.

Season Stage: Early Maryland duck season opens 13 October. Canada goose season closed, opening the week of Thanksgiving.

Hunting Report: Weather is cooling, deer are starting to move around more often.

Gossip: Deer hunters are out in full force getting the season underway. Everyone hoping for cool air/weather after this week.

Name: Kenny Gray

Date: October 9, 2018

Location: Chestertown, MD

Weather: Seasonal, temperatures in the upper 70’s/ low 80’s but a cold front is forecast for weeks end.

Snow Cover: None at this time

Water Conditions: Wet, ponds are full and fields are saturated. 

Feeding Conditions: Geese are feeding on cut corn. Corn harvest is probably close to 90% and bean harvest has started.

Species and Numbers: Good numbers of geese have arrived, puddle ducks are trickling in. No divers or snows at this time.

Migrations: Geese have continued to come in during the past week.

Season Stage: First split of duck season starts Saturday.  Youth day, November 3rd.

Hunting Report: Waterfowl seasons are currently closed, but first split of duck opens Saturday.

Gossip: AP Canada Goose UPDATE October 1, 2018:
The Atlantic Flyway Council voted in support of a recommendation to the USFWS for a restrictive AP goose season for the 2019-20 hunting season. For Maryland, the result is a 30-day season with a bag limit of one bird per day, between November 15, 2019 and February 5, 2020. No more than two season ‘splits’ may be included in the 30-day season. So, our likely scenario is a short (2 – 3 day) split around Thanksgiving and the remaining 27-28 days running from late December to the end of January or early February – depending on start date selected.

Name: Marshall Starkey

Date: 10/8/18

Location: Essex, MD

Weather: Rain to start the week with temperatures forecasted lower towards the weekend.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Above average

Feeding Conditions: Cut corn fields and pasture.

Species and Numbers: There seems to be a few ducks around, and the woodies can be found in their normal haunts.

Migrations: Can’t say that I’ve noticed any real push in the last week.

Season Stage: Early duck runs 10/13-10/20.

Hunting Report: The time to find those wood ducks for next Saturday is now.

Gossip: The first duck split is upon us. Rockfish fishing on top water has been really good also.

Name: Bryn Witmier

Date: 10/9/2018

Location: Strausstown, PA

Weather: It still feels like summer. Highs have been in the 80’s and extremely humid.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Super high. It doesn’t stop raining.

Feeding Conditions: Good. Corn is coming down when weather.

Species and Numbers: There are a few new geese around. Some local wood ducks and mallards around.

Migrations: New geese migrated in and out this past week.

Season Stage: Early duck season starts this weekend.

Hunting Report: Deer hunting has been horrible with this weather.

Gossip: I’m looking forward to duck season.


Name: Kevin Addy

Date: 10/9/2018

Location: Morgantown, Pennsylvania

Weather: Back to hot and humid but more rain and cooler weather is said to be on the way.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Still high and muddy with no change anytime soon.

Feeding Conditions: Good – lots of cut corn and flooded areas.

Species and Numbers: Canada numbers went up but not much of a change to the ducks. Mallards, woodies and a few teal around.

Migrations: Lots of Canadas push down on Thurs and Fri.

Season Stage: The north zone duck opened October 6th.  The south zone opener is on the 13th.

Hunting Report: The north zone duck opener was extremely foggy but gave up a dozen wood ducks.

Gossip: Everyone is sick of the rain and warm weather.

Name: Matthew Fields   

Date: 10-8-18    

Location: Chapin, SC

Weather: Clear 88 degrees.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Receding

Feeding Conditions: Grass

Species and Numbers: Geese 20-30 woodies 5-10.

Migrations: Seeing more woodies show up.

Hunting Report: Good groups of resident geese around Chapin, SC.

Gossip: None

Name: Jincy Wallace

Date: 9 October 2018

Location: Reidsville, GA

Weather: 70s mornings, 90s high, sunshine, extremely hot, high humidity, Hurricane Michael to make landfall on Wednesday/Thursday. Should get heavy wind and rain.

Snow Cover:  None

Water Conditions:  Very dry, low river stages.

Feeding Conditions: Peanuts are turned up and being harvested.

Species and Numbers:  BWT – numbers increasing and groups are getting larger, Canada goose – mostly residential, but average amount, few spoonies have moved in.

Migrations: Higher amounts of teal are beginning to move in. Odd and end ducks coming in a few at a time.

Season Stage: Both teal and goose season are out. Goose will come back in October 13.

Hunting Report: Was able to kill a few limits of teal before the closing of season. Haven’t hunted in a couple weeks.

Name: Robert Vellucci

Date: Jan. 16, 2018

Location: Clinton, New Jersey

Weather: Cold. Still.

Snow Cover: Snowing right now. Three to 6 inches on the way.

Water Conditions: Most rivers were blown out and cleared of ice last week. Non-moving water remains frozen.

Feeding Conditions: OK. Little snow leaves fields available.

Species and Numbers: Some ducks and geese have returned with the opening of the rivers.

Migrations: None.

Season Stage: Duck season is over.

Hunting Report: No hunting for me this week.


Name: Dave Weidner

Date: Jan. 15, 2018

Location: Hamilton Square, New Jersey

Weather: COLD.

Snow Cover: Gone.

Water Conditions: High.

Feeding Conditions: Poor.

Species and Numbers: Puddle ducks.

Migrations: None observed.

Season Stage: Late.

Hunting Report: One day of 60 degrees and rain wiped out snow cover. Had two great coastal hunts including gadwalls, mallards, teal and black ducks. All about the ice!


Name: Marshall Starkey

Date: Jan. 15, 2018

Location: Essex, Maryland

Weather: Colder weather has returned.

Snow Cover: Very little if any. Possible snow event on Wednesday.

Water Conditions: Probably about average for the year but most small water is frozen solid.

Feeding Conditions: Cut agricultural fields.

Species and Numbers: Canada goose numbers seem average for this time of year. More divers around than in the past few years.

Migrations: The bulk of our birds are here…just shuffling around looking for open water and food.

Season Stage: Duck season and goose season remain open. sea duck season is now closed.

Hunting Report: Goose hunting has been very good the past week as well as diver hunting.

Gossip: Some of the ice has broken but there are big flows of ice on open water. Be careful!


Name: John Taylor

Date: Jan. 15, 2018

Location: Quantico, Maryland

Weather: Went from extremely cold and snow to unseasonably warm and now back to cold again.

Snow Cover: None right now but we had a lot for our area the last week and a half. It’s all gone now.

Water Conditions: Just had a thaw from extremely thick ice conditions but is now starting to freeze back up again.

Feeding Conditions: Survival mode last week but going back to their normal feeding patterns this week.

Species and Numbers: Canada geese by the thousands.

Migrations: Still getting new birds due to the extreme cold conditions.

Season Stage: Late season.

Hunting Report: Goose hunting has been exceptional. Last week with the cold snowy conditions the geese were only flying out in the early afternoons. It warmed up and the snow was gone and they were flying out in early morning and staying out all day. It has gotten cold again and they are feeding twice a day. Going out in the mornings and returning to water and then coming back out in early afternoon and feeding until dark.

Gossip: A lot of geese around this year due to the extreme weather in states above us. We are certainly picking up a lot more geese than normal due to the weather. It’s been a great goose season. A lot of geese around and it’s been pretty easy this season. Ducks in our area, we have had a lot of ice and not been able to get out to them in the area that I hunt so we have stayed on the geese. I have heard of a lot of divers around, especially canvasbacks. Hopefully will be able to give you some duck reports this week.


Name: Kenny Gray

Date: Jan. 15, 2018

Location: Chestertown, Maryland

Weather: If you don’t like Maryland weather, wait a day. High today in the 20s, could be 55 by the weekend.

Snow Cover: None at this time, but a snow storm scheduled for later in the week.

Water Conditions: Ponds and river opened up at the end of last week with a warm spell, but are quickly freezing back over today.

Feeding Conditions: Birds have been moving almost all day. Good early morning flight, with a mid-day flight and evening flight.

Species and Numbers: All species are up across the board. Dark goose numbers are good, duck numbers are great if you have open water and light geese numbers continue to grow.

Migrations: No new migrations this week.

Season Stage: Everything is currently open for a final split of the season. Season runs until end of January/ first part of February.

Hunting Report: Both goose and duck hunting has been great.


Name: Jeff Kreit

Date: Jan. 16, 2018

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Weather: Cold. Highs in the teens.

Snow Cover: One to 3 inches.

Water Conditions: Almost all lakes and ponds frozen, the bay is also frozen over 80 percent.

Feeding Conditions: Geese are feeding hard.

Species and Numbers: Geese.

Migrations: Some new birds on the last front.

Season Stage: Last split.

Hunting Report: Killing limits every time we hunt. Birds are hungry! 


Name: Bryn Witmier

Date: Jan. 16, 2018

Location: Strausstown, Pennsylvania

Weather: After a 2 day warm up late last week we are back to arctic conditions.

Snow Cover: None. Three to 6 inches on the way today.

Water Conditions: Rivers and streams are back ice free after 2 inches of rain. Non-moving water remains frozen.

Feeding Conditions: Still not terrible.

Species and Numbers: Birds got shuffled around last week as some things opened back up. Still not many birds in my area.

Migrations: None.

Season Stage: Late. Last week of ducks.

Hunting Report: No hunting for me. Ice fishing was good.


Name: Matthew Fields

Date: Jan. 16, 2018

Location: Chapin, South Carolina

Weather: Cold and clear with north winds.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Freezing in the mornings.

Feeding Conditions: Looking for open water.

Species and Numbers: Twenty to 40 mallards, some ring-necks, lots of woodies.

Migrations: Some nice groups of birds have been seen migrating. Only a few actually staying.

Season Stage: Last leg.

Hunting Report: Killed three woodies, four mallards.

Gossip: Hear they are killing lots of canvasbacks and redheads out on the coast in South Carolina.


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