Okay, the obvious stuff is always in the truck, in the garage or at the ready next to the front door. But what about all that other stuff you wish you'd brought on your hunting trip, but didn't? From my own "Ultimate Upland Checklist" here are a few suggestions:

For your hunting partner: e-collar charger; extra dog collar; dog food/water bowl; chew toy for those long drives; "Lost" posters just in case.

For camp: bungee cords; wet wipes; lawn chairs; Ziploc bags; those little packets of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise; extra flashlight batteries; boot dryer.

For your hunt: choke tube wrench; soft gun case; landowner gifts; game shears; sun block; gunsmith screwdrivers; bandanna; "town" shoes; spare boot lace.

I will never forget the trip where over about 200 miles I remembered (too late) that left at home were wallet, shotgun, sleeping bag, and dog! Build your own list with these items on it, and you and your dog will enjoy a more comfortable, less-hassled hunting trip. See you in the field!

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