Wisconsin Man Uses School Bus To Build Giant Deer Blind

This tricked-out deer blind has a couch, two recliners, a TV and a poker table. What else can a Wisconsin deer hunter ask for?
Wisconsin Man Uses School Bus To Build Giant Deer Blind

When it comes to deer stands, location is key, but comfort is another factor many hunters take into account considering how long they'll likely be posted up waiting for that trophy buck.

However, Wisconsin hunter Jesse Kauffman took that notion to an entirely new level when he anchored a 66-passenger cheese wagon atop a 28-foot-tall fuel barrel.

According to the San Antonio Express News, Kauffman's family said he used a dirt ramp to attach the school bus to the top of the fuel barrel. Kauffman told the newspaper that he will be hunting deer in comfort with the fold-out couch, two recliners, a TV and poker table. Kauffman also said that with deer season being so cold in Wisconsin, he has no need for a fridge and is able to heat the contraption with power running from his father's home. Additionally, there is a staircase attached to the blind for access.

The photo above was originally posted on the Chasing Trophy Whitetails Facebook page where it was shared more than 22,000 times and received more than 18,000 likes. More than 1,400 people have commented on the deer blind. While many commend Kauffman on his creativity, there are others who condemn him for "killing" the deer rather than hunting from a tree or on the ground. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.


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