whitetail journal logoWhen there’s not much to hunt, die-hard Whitetail Journal readers turn their attention to getting ready for the fall deer season. That often means shopping for new gear to replace what’s been lost, broken or damaged over the past year, not to mention upgrades to the latest and greatest. Whether it’s guns or camo or a new ATV you’re after, you’ll find reviews of all the best products on the market in the pages of Whitetail Journal’s May/June Buyer’s Guide.

In our popular “Know Whitetails” column, resident expert Dr. Dave Samuel points out some of the best new innovations he spotted at this year’s trade shows, including — no joke — new apparel on the market that claims to reduce a hunter’s “aura” and thus defeat deer’s “sixth sense.”

With the economy still in a slump and many hunters balking at high-priced rifles and optics, our “Guns & Loads” column offers a solution: economical rifle packages that come with scope and rings included. There’s something for everyone here, any the quality is better than you might think.

David Hart offers budget-minded hunters tips on the lower-priced trail cameras on the market. If you can forego the fancy features like remote access and super-high-quality prints, you can find a great camera at any price point. Nothing over $200 here!

Our crossbow columnist, Steve Carpenteri, takes a look at all the best crossbows on the market for 2011. Whether you have $400 or $2,000 to spend, Steve’s got a pick that’s perfect for you.

Editor Bob Robb examines the oft-overlooked peep sight in his “Moment of Truth” column. He’ll take you through the two styles of peeps, explain how to install one, and detail how to use one effectively for maximum accuracy.

Would-be blackpowder hunters will appreciate Judd Cooney’s guide to buying your first muzzleloader. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned hunter, you’re bound to pick up some new information from Judd’s “The Muzzleloader” column.

Finally, we’ll cover more than 130 products in our annual Buyer’s Guide, in categories ranging from Archery to Firearms & Ammo to Game Management. We guarantee you’ll find something you just have to have in these pages!