Many hunters have experienced the uncontrollable shaking of the leg, heavy breathing and the overall inability to think straight when they see a big buck or when a new hunter sees a doe or small buck for the first time.

Well, the Genetic Economic Analytics group has put forth a hypothesis that shows a neurophysiological link between sex and man's desire to hunt, as it suggests that the same regions of the brain activated in the sex drive and orgasm are used in the compulsion to hunt and harvest animals.

Robert P. McDowell, founder of the Genetic Economic Analytics uses scientific studies from around the world to form his hypothesis. Below is an excerpt from his findings. Read full article.

The urge to hunt in males is so strongly ingrained in male genetics, encoded in his DNA that it is almost as strong as his desire to have sex. The desire to hunt and the urge to have sex are not just somewhat related but are neurologically connected. There is a chemical, neurological process occurring in the male brain when driven to hunt and harvest game animals that uses the same regions of the brain as those used during the period of the sex drive, sex and orgasm. I will show below that the phenomenon known to hunters, as ‘Buck Fever’ is in effect a premature orgasm. This hypothesis finds that the hunt drive is not just a desire or want but once initiated is an uncontrollable need, a genetic neuro/physiological activation of the brain forced on man by evolution/god just as is our sex drive. Mother Nature has rewarded man with a very pleasurable physical feeling second only to the intensity of the sex drive because the need to eat and thrive is almost as important as her number one goal of reproduction.

Procreation, reproduction of life is the primary goal of Mother Nature and her design for the continuation of the species. The second most important goal is for our species to stay alive and thus reproduce. Nutrition and hydration is of course crucial thus the intense drive to obtain what we need to survive. If suddenly primates/man only had sex to continue the species with no intense sexual reward the strong would only eat the weak and have no incentive to procreate and mankind would die off in a generation. If man only hunted when hungry it would be too little too late. He would only starve, as he would be hunting out of desperation. Therefore Mother Nature gave him a drive to continuously hunt and enjoy the activity to the fullest. Again, to be repetitive, Mother Nature would certainly intend for man to be rewarded for his hunting endeavors just as he is rewarded for completing the reproductive sex act. 

So the next time you catch heck about hunting too much, calmly explain it’s not your fault — you’re just doing your part to keep the human species alive, just as nature intended.