The National Deer Alliance (NDA) recently hosted a working group to review the USDA Voluntary National Chronic Wasting Disease Herd Certification Program. The meeting was also associated with program standards, which are currently under review.

A newsletter from The Outdoor Wire notes the charge of the working group made up of conservation organizations, state wildlife experts and top scientists was to serve as the voice of deer hunters and others concerned with wild deer health.

The newsletter states the meeting began a process to coalesce the thoughts, concerns and suggested revisions to the program and standards set forth by the USDA. The goal is to unite the conservation community to maximize the odds for positive change during this review period.

“The science is clear that CWD is a very real threat and continued reports indicate the disease continues to spread across the landscape,” Nick Pinizzotto, CEO of National Deer Alliance, said in the newsletter. “Our group’s charge is to make certain USDA understands the concerns of hunters and the conservation community as we seek to advance the methods and safeguards we feel are in the best interest of wild deer.”