Every camper, probably every outdoorsman, needs a lantern. No-brainer there, but why should this new item from Zippo merit any attention? My first clue was the Rugged Lantern's display in the Zippo booth: there it was floating, peacefully in a tank of water. Lit.

"Yeah, it's designed to withstand a five-foot drop," the company rep said to me matter-of factly, and before I could even try to stop him he lifted another (lit) one, and tossed it nonchalantly into the aisle. Onto the concrete outside the carpeted edge.

Then he picked it up, and dunked it into the tank with its companion (both still lit), sloshing it around vigorously. Still lit. "It has an IPX-7 water rating," he added. I don't know exactly what that means but apparently it includes sloshing it around in water.

Rechargeable, gives off a bright 200 lumens from a single LED source, has four settings ("SOS," high, low, off), a snap-detachable handle to allow easy suspension from a branch, your buddy's backpack, whatever. Less than $90? Where's mine?