In 1992, Mathews Founder Matt McPherson shocked the archery industry with his single-cam (SOLOCAM) technology. Since that time, Mathews has penned its own story – a story of legendary innovation and superior product design. Each and every year archery fanatics wait eagerly for the manufacturer to unveil its latest and greatest offerings.

Currently, the rumor mill is buzzing in the archery world. On the brink of Mathews’ 2015 bow launch, there’s plenty of speculation that Mathews has something truly special up its sleeve. What exactly? We at Grand View Outdoors aren’t sure, but we can tell you we will have the bow in-hand on the launch date and will be bringing you updates regularly. Be sure to check back often, and in the meantime, follow the pre-launch momentum @Mathews, Inc. (on Facebook), @Mathews Archery (on Twitter) and @MathewsInc (on Instagram).