Larry and Danny Fryman plead guilty to more than 100 counts each of illegally taking deer. (Screen grab courtesy of LEX18)

The Story

Larry and Danny Fryman are not hunters — they’re poachers. Many non-hunters confuse the two, but the brothers from Fleming County, Kentucky, shouldn’t be compared to America’s conservationists especially not after what they pleaded guilty to.

Late last week, WMKY reported Larry Fryman, 69, and Danny Fryman, 63, entered guilty pleas for charges from Aug. 17. Larry’s plea included 115 counts of illegally taking a deer or turkey and one count of terroristic threatening, according to the news station. Danny Fryman plead guilty to 114 counts of illegally taking a deer or turkey.

What happened?

LEX 18 reports Kentucky Fish and Wildlife began investigating Larry Fryman when, on Nov. 7, 2016, he was caught hunting illegally. After the investigation was complete, a conservation officer went to the Fryman family farm, where he discovered “dozens upon dozens” of deer antlers in a shed. The news station reports a conservation office speculated some of the deer mounts may have been from illegal pouching activity dating back years ago. These findings ultimately led to the poaching chargers.

The count of terroristic threatening came when Larry Fryman told the conservation officer, “If you come back to serve me without the sheriff, there will be a dead game warden, and I know enough to drag you in the house.”

“Dozens upon dozens” of antlers were discovered in the Fryman’s farm shed. (Screen grab courtesy LEX18)

Did the court lock them in a cell and throw away the key?

Not quite. Larry and Danny Fryman agreed to pay more than $20,000 in fines, restitution and court costs. Each brother owes $10,000 in restitution, while Larry Fryman received an added $750 fine, $200 in additional restitution and had to pay $153 in court costs. He also received a sentence of 360 days, to serve 60 days in-home incarceration with a balanced probated, WMKY reports.

While those penalties are fairly stiff, it’s the loss of hunting privileges that has most hunters upset. The brothers did have their hunting privileges revoked, but only for three years.

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