What is it about Louisiana that seems to conjure up families that like to hunt and showcase their mad capped hijinks on television? Everyone from Manhattan Beach, California, to Manhattan, New York, has heard of the quirky Robertson family — famous for their donut eating contests, redneck waterpark and Uncle Si cups.

Well, as if there isn’t enough Duck Dynasty to go around, the A&E network has just added to its roster of Bayou State hunting family reality shows with “Country Buck$,” starring the rough and tumble Busbice clan. Made famous through its development of deer hunting products such as feeding blocks and trail cameras, the Busbice family has built a multi-million dollar empire that includes 12 brands and 2,400 products.

“Family hijinks ensue each week as the Busbices tackle new projects and products- from a silent crossbow to gator bait and 5D camo, they keep the business running full speed ahead,” according to a press release announcing the show.

Ryan and Matt Busbice are at loggerheads running the business, while father Big Bill is constantly roped into their hair brained schemes. Chief product tester Uncle Hard Luck is always coming up with strange inventions that “push the family’s buttons,” while his son Joe Buck tries to pull his father out of the line of fire.

“Trusted ranch manager T-Carr is caught in the precarious position of working for Bill and also trying to help Matt and Ryan with their products,” the release says. “No idea is too crazy for the Busbice family and if T-Carr and Hard Luck can’t figure it out, it’s not a feasible product for market.”

All the “Country Buck$” shenanigans take place in or around the Busbice family’s 55,000 acre ranch in Louisiana. The show will premier on A&E November 19.