Wildlife-vehicle collisions are a serious matter. They occur all across the globe and often times they do more than just cosmetic damage.

A dash camera recently caught the collision of a moose and car in Finland. There are many reasons to hunt, many reasons to drive safely. Collisions like this are reason to do both.

From LiveLeak:

Conversation on the video:

Driver: "It was a moose. Alright. Couldn't do anything about it."
Passengers: "Good that I didn't saw it (moose getting hit). Yeah. neither did I. Lucky that no one was hurt."
Driver: "With this size of a vehicle we traveling with no one is going to get hurt (in a deer crash)."
Passengers: "But there's a fence right there."
Driver: "Well, from there it came, nonetheless. It's alright now. I'm gonna call the emergency center."

NOTE: No one was injured in this incident.