Ever wondered what’s in the stomach of a potential world record alligator? Well, you’re about to find out.

Mandy Stokes and crew recently hunted and killed a 1000 plus pound alligator in the mouth of Mill Creek along the Alabama River.

The Stokes gator was taken to Ken Owens’ taxidermist shop in Autaugaville, Alabama. When Owens cut open the gator he was surprised by what he found.

According to al.com, it appears the behemoth reptile ate a full-grown adult doe whole.

Owens said that when he cut open the gator's stomach, he saw a pair of ears. He pulled on them, and out came the carcass of a fully intact, yet deteriorated, adult female deer.

The gator had caught it and gulped it down whole.

"I always thought that once an alligator killed something that it ate it a piece at a time," Owens said. "I can't imagine how it got a hold of that adult deer and ate it in one piece like that. It's unbelievable."

Watch the video and learn how a record gator is skinned and processed.

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