Bill Schulte was on his way home from church in Prior Lake, Minnesota, when he saw another motorist hit a deer. The deer went airborne, and Bill stopped to move it off the road.

When he got to the deer, it was dead, but Bill was surprised to feel a fawn still kicking inside its mother's body.

"That little baby was just kicking inside, you could see it just, you know, its feet just pushing up on the belly," he said.

Thinking quickly and unsure of what else to do, Bill whipped out his pocketknife and cut the fawn free. “I felt where the baby was, opened up, and pulled the baby out because the baby wanted to slide right out, and I cleared his throat, his airway, rubbing it, and it starting breathing; everything was cool,” Schulte told local radio station KSTP.

He snapped a few photos of the newborn fawn before taking it to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota in Roseville. Rehabilitators there expect the fawn to make a full recovery. One rehabilitator remarked that it's in "remarkably good shape" and that her daughter has named the deer — what else — Bambi.