So you and a buddy are hunting and you come across two nice bucks locked together in the woods. One of the bucks is dead, while the other is still alive and struggling to free himself. What do you do?

Well, if you're Chad Yousey and Joey King of Bow Madness Outdoors, you whip out a video camera and film yourselves separating the two bucks by hand. Bold move, but we applaud these guys for stepping in and saving a deer that might not have lived much longer without their intervention.

That's great, but the story isn't over. Yousey and King say they tried to chase the freed buck away, but the deer refused to move. So they turned the camera back on and filmed themselves taking some seriously up-close-and-personal photos of a buck that appears to still be dazed, and one of the guys nearly gets himself gored in the process. What do you think? Did these guys go too far, or would you have taken the same opportunity to get this close to a buck?