It’s sometimes comical the lengths deer hunters will go to in order to kill a big buck. We also spend a lot of money leasing or buying land, discing and planting food plots, pouring out feed, using trail cameras, buying new bows, rifles, treestands, boots and the list goes on and on, but seldom do we invest in predator control to better our deer hunting. I’m not talking about shooting a coyote when it steps out into a food plot. I’m talking about deliberate and calculated predator management to boost deer numbers.

I’m talking trapping summer coyotes. There’s no better time to knock down the coyote numbers in your localized area then in the summer just before the fawns drop. By creating a void in the coyote population during the time of year when they are territorial and not wandering far and wide like they do in the winter, you can effectively give your local fawns a chance to make it to a more-mature age where they can more effectively evade coyotes and other predators. Several large studies have shown the benefits of trapping summer coyotes prior to the fawn drop in order to boost fawn recruitment numbers.

This summer I began implementing a trapping program for coyotes on our hunting property, Borrowed Acres. Like many of you, I can’t afford to pay a professional trapper to trap my property and I also can’t spend nearly two weeks of my time trapping on our property. So I learned how to trap from a professional trapper and I trap every free moment I can on our property, especially prior to the fawn drop. My family and I spent the Memorial Day weekend at our hunting land and for three nights I ran traps. This will be an ongoing effort. I can’t stop and expect to have accomplished my goal of higher fawn recruitment numbers. As soon as I quit, more coyotes will move in and fawn numbers will again drop.

In the video I’ll show you my techniques for catching summer coyotes. I hope you enjoy and are able to begin a trapping program (where legal) on your hunting property.

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