Bears do funny things. Like wandering into bars, eating out of trashcans, watching baseball games, eating cupcakes at a baby’s birthday party, and now—add getting stuck in a milk can to the list.

Anyone that has ever been bear hunting will tell you it’s a thrill that can be hard to match. It makes sense. Bears have a tendency to stir one of two reactions in humans, fear or tenderness. Think grizzly bear vs. Winnie-the-Pooh. That should pretty much sum it up.

Bear attacks are frightening. There’s no way around it. If you’re being attacked by something that can end your existence, on some level you will be afraid.

On the other hand, we often find bears in amusing and frequently tender moments, like getting your head stuck in a milk jar. That’s just what Garret Smith discovered as he was working near a corn field in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

Smith told WQOW it was very hot and humid that day and he knew the bear couldn't stay stuck in there for very long without being injured.

Wanting to help, Smith sought the landowner’s permission to bring in his logging equipment to free the bear.

Remember, next time you encounter a bear with it’s head stuck in a large can you know a skidder will do the trick.