Everyone loves lists and the Christmas season is primetime for list makers. Here's what you, the reader, liked most from Grand View Outdoors in 2014.

Guns being confiscated, deer farting (yes, you read that correctly), AR triggers, Taurus’ curved pistol, deer recipes and so much more.

Measured purely from page view data, these are your favorites. It’s our goal to keep sportsmen informed and entertained. We truly appreciate you being here.

Season’s Greetings to you and yours!


A&E To Debut New ‘Country Buck$’ Realty Show

The Busbice family runs an outdoor empire. Now, they're taking over TV!

Case Closed: FBI Says 9mm Is The Best Pistol Round

See what other readers are saying in the poll and comments. Lots of thoughts on this topic.

New 2014 BOWTECH Fuel: Super-Adjustable And Affordable

BOWTECH is undoubtedly one of the hottest names in archery. See what we had to say about the Fuel.

Taurus Bends The Handgun Market With New 'Curve'

An innovation you have to see to believe.

Live: 2014 SHOT Show Floor Report

We'll be doing this again very soon. January 19-23.

VIDEO: Bigfoot Hunted And Killed Near San Antonio

Sometimes we all enjoy a good B-movie. That's basically what this is.

Connecticut Set For Possible Gun Confiscation

The incidents of the recent past are tragic but the 2nd Amendment is our right.

VIDEO: Yep, Even Deer Need To Pass Gas

If you haven't watched this yet, stop what you're doing and prepare to laugh and laugh some more.

Rifle Review: Mossberg MVP FLEX 7.62

Mossberg creates a deer rifle that is infinitely changeable.

REPORT: Colt May Default After Poor Quarterly Results

Declining gun sales sting Colt's ability to pay back debt.

Super Magnum Shotguns — Do You Need one?

The title says it all. Find out the answer.

VIDEO: Coyote Attacks Pet Dog In Backyard

We've told you, and told you again to keep small pets away from coyotes. This one even generated complaint phone calls to office.

Remington Agrees To Replace Millions Of Rifle Triggers

Seeking to avoid a protracted class-action suit, Remington agrees to replace alleged faulty triggers.

Teen Hunter Kendall Jones Latest Victim Of Anti-Hunting Cyber Bullies

Anti hunters are not a fan of this young lady and her African hunts.