March means spring break for students all across the country. Some university students may be headed to beachside locations, but if you are hankering for a spring break that includes predator hunting action, consider one of these three varmint-getting options.


The secret is out. The southern half of the U.S. has a hog problem and these destructive creatures fall squarely into the varmint category, but with a barbecue twist. Landowners feeling the effects of rooting hogs often welcome serious varmint hunters. This means acquiring permission is easier than if you were attempting to secure a whitetail property. Another bonus for this spring break adventure is the fact that some states have few if any regulations for hogs. ARs are standard equipment, suppressors could be legal and night vision might even be an option. Contact state game and fish agencies to confirm and then call your travel agent for tickets on the Hogzilla Express.


Like hogs, few regulations exist for the hunting of coyotes. Heck, in my home state of Wyoming and in neighboring Montana you aren’t even required to have a license to hunt coyotes. Regardless of licensing requirements the spring break window can be productive for coyotes. By now coyotes have paired up, bred and are establishing territories, specifically denning sites. Using howls and aggressive vocalizations you can tempt these homemakers into a confrontation. This is also a good time to use a dog to tease any coyotes defending dens. Use your evenings to locate coyotes using a howler and your mornings to sneak into the heart of a suspected territory for more fun than any toga party.


Wolf season may be closed in Wyoming, but that only includes the northwest corner which is managed for trophy hunting. Across the rest of Wyoming wolves are classified as predators and allowed to be shot with no license required, year-round. Your best bet to finding wolf action is to hunt near the trophy zone and inquire at local game and fish offices (, co-op stations and even with county extension officers on the whereabouts of any wolves or livestock owners experiencing wolf-related harassment. Wolves will also be targeting large herds of big game hoping for the weak to stumble in front of them.

Don’t waste your spring break lathering up with sunscreen. Load up the rifles and head out for a varmint-style adventure.