Building the perfect hunting spot can be a confusing and complicated process. It can also take countless hours of work with some specialized equipment. If you don’t have the time, the tools or the desire to undertake habitat management on your land, consider the services of a management consultant. They offer everything from assistance in planning plots to actually creating and planting them.   

Whoever you hire, make sure he’s qualified. These days, anyone with a tractor and access to the Internet can call himself a habitat consultant. The best ones are professional wildlife managers with experience and an education specific to management.

If hiring someone to help plan and plant your plots is too expensive, consider buying “Quality Food Plots,” a book by professional biologist and consultant Kent Kammermeyer, who co-edited the book with fellow deer management experts Dr. Karl Miller and Lindsey Thomas Jr. It will tell you everything you need to know about planting and maintaining food plots. For more information, visit Kammermeyer’s website.