Known as one of the leaders in women’s hunting apparel, Prois is always looking for ways to improve the options for female hunters when it comes to clothing and gear. The clothing is made with a focus on performance and fit for a woman’s body, really designed to perform rather than just look good. It's clothing designed for real, tough hunting, made by women who take hunting very seriously.

This year the company introduced the Galleann Jacket and Pant raingear, which you can read more about here. Prois has also come out with a safari line, the brainchild of CEO Kirstie Pike, who was looking for a more modern, updated look in women’s safari clothing. Everything she found on the market was pretty traditional, and she wanted to do better.

That idea eventually led to the creation of the Safari Jacket, Hoodie and Short-Sleeve T. The hoodie and short-sleeve shirt are made of a wicking, anti-microbial fabric with UV protection, and the jacket has a polyester exterior that’s water resistant. It’s lined with wool for comfort and warm, and the styling truly does scream “modern safari.”

All three items will be available in khaki and green.